New Year’s Ritual

New Year’s Ritual January 6, 2015

I don’t believe in resolutions for the new year. People like to resolve to do things, but they often don’t achieve them. So their resolutions become more like intentions. Intentions without determination to follow through.

I decided to start this rather complex spell last weekend on the first day of the full moon, known as the Wolf Moon in the Northern hemisphere.
I don’t follow the Maiden Mother Crone concept of the goddess. I respect the understanding of her that so many embrace, but it doesn’t quite work for me, a woman who loves women, a fighter, a creative soul. The warrior, the storyteller (or weaver), and the healer. So the red candle I lit had sandalwood cinnamon oil on it, and I lit up some Morning Star Earth incense, which is chocolate, black current, and cinnamon. I love it. It was warmth, and focus, and determination, love, and joy.
The goals I prayed for over the three nights were:
Maintain the friendships and other close ties I have made,
Find love in the form of a girlfriend,
To succeed in my plans to move out West,
and finally to improve my financial and healthcare situation.

I collected some of the wax from the candle to put into a doll which I will be making tomorrow with the aid of a friend.

1: Red wax to help me move toward my goals in a positive environment
2: a scrap of an old black blouse as a tag lock (a piece of myself)
3: cat hair from my sweet familiar, Lucia, to keep our bond strong
4: Myrtle for love, protection
5: A Herkimer diamond (a type of double-terminated quartz) to attract those to me with whom I can share mutual benefits
6: Acorn caps, for seeds of potential (as acorns themselves seemed a little large for a small doll)
7: Clover for immune health
8: jasmine for confidence
9: Dragonsblood resin to keep away evil
10: hyssop for purification
11: violet for love
12: cedar for adaptability and tolerance
13: Walnut leaf for stability and patience in effort
14: Lavender for spiritual well-being
15: Sage to keep off evil spirits

15 is:1 and 5 = 6, numerologically a goddess number.
This is meant to help me keep healthy and happy why I achieve what I want this year.

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