10 Things to Do in Autumn (According to the Japanese)

10 Things to Do in Autumn (According to the Japanese) September 16, 2016

Autumn leaves in Japan. By author.

Many people in Japan love autumn best out of all the seasons. The weather is generally pleasant, and the autumn landscapes are very beautiful as the leaves turn vivid red, orange and gold.

The Japanese associate autumn with a variety of different activities, many of which sound like they would appeal to people in other countries as well, including western Pagans. So if you’re looking for ways to celebrate autumn, particularly with the Autumn Equinox coming up. here’s some ideas from Japan:

#1 – Eat

The Mabon altar at my local Medway Pagans moot.

Say “aki” (autumn) to a Japanese person, and chances are they’ll think “shokuyoku no aki” (“autumn of appetite”). The Japanese say our appetites increase in the autumn – and with good reason! Not only is autumn the season of delicious fruit and nuts; it’s also when the weather turns colder, and all animals (including ourselves!) need extra insulation against the cold. So go and do what Pagans do best – feast on the bounties of the season! In Japan, autumnal food includes chestnuts, sweet potato, mushrooms and pumpkin, but you should look for things to eat that are in season in your own country. And don’t forget to save some to present at your altar to your deities.

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