Pagan & Shinto News: Petition To Change Halloween’s Date Gains Over 93K Signatures

Pagan & Shinto News: Petition To Change Halloween’s Date Gains Over 93K Signatures July 28, 2019

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Petition calling for changing Halloween’s date gains over 93K signatures
  • Japan starts construction work on shrines for new emperor’s succession rituals
  • Neo-Nazi who referenced Asatru arrested for threats to ‘slaughter’ Jews

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Pagan News

Petition calling for changing Halloween’s date gains over 93K signatures
A petition titled “Join the Saturday Halloween Movement” is asking people across the U.S. to reconsider the celebration of Halloween to be moved to the last Saturday of October rather than Oct. 31…

Neo-Nazi Who Referenced Asatru Arrested for Threats to ‘Slaughter’ Jews
The Daily Beast
On May 23, he allegedly used an email with an Asatru reference to threaten violence against the Jewish group if they did not “remove this video and offer an apology to the Asatru community.”…

Festival brings witches, psychics, holistic healers to Augusta
Witch tells attendees witches are regular people, who just follow a different theology…

A Look at the Salem Summer Symposium

Patheos Pagan: Elizabeth Autumnalis
Through collaboration, we’ve all brought our different experiences and ideas together to organize the Salem Summer Symposium…

Oh, it’s magic: The Irish witch contingent
The Business Post
Across the world, witchcraft is gaining momentum as pagan and Wiccan spirituality draws greater numbers of acolytes. But what of the Irish witch contingent?…

Shinto News

Japan starts construction work on shrines for new emperor’s succession rituals
Yahoo News
Japan has held a groundbreaking ceremony at the imperial palace, where Shinto priests prayed for safe and successful construction of a pair of shrines for Emperor Naruhito’s key succession rituals later this year…

Shinto priest questioned over death of mother
Japan Today
Police are questioning a 38-year-old man over the death of his 66-year-old mother whose body was found at her home in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, on Monday…

Boisterous Tenjin Matsuri on river in Osaka goes out with a big bang 
The Asahi Shimbun
Honmiyasai, a ceremony to pray for the city’s peace and prosperity, was held on July 25 here during the Tenjin Matsuri, one of Japan’s three largest festivals…

Other News

Ancient Egyptian carvings of naked women were used in religious fertility rites in Israel 3,500 years ago say experts
An Egyptian scarab and five clay tablets with carvings of naked women depicting ancient fertility goddesses have been found in Rehob, a 3,500-year-old Israeli city…

Strange stone ‘carved 10,000 years ago’ could be world’s oldest lunar calendar, experts claim
The Sun
The rare pebble – found high up in the mountains near Rome, Italy – dates back to the Stone Age, experts claim…

Special Report: Mauna Kea

The Wild Hunt
Kanaka Maoli (native Hawaiians) and their allies—known as Kia`i—are making a peaceful stand against the proposed construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the top of their most sacred mountain…

Statues of Twin Greek Gods Artemis and Apollo Unearthed on Crete
Greek Reporter
The Chania Ephorate of Antiquities will present a group of small sculptures portraying the twin gods Artemis and Apollo, on Wednesday, July 24, at the Archaeological Museum of Crete…

Thessaloniki to Welcome Greece’s Largest Mythology Theme Park
GTP Headlines
Greece’s largest Greek mythology theme park, dedicated to the 12 Olympian gods, will open its doors on October 4, at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki…

Sumerian goddess of beer to bless Bedford High Street
Bedford Independent
The huge mural of Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of beer, is being painted by Technicolour Moon, an artist who specialises in large scale mural work and illustrations…

Islamic TV station that called for execution of magic-workers faces UK ban
The Times
An Islamic television station faces being stripped of its British broadcast licence after relaying hate speech against gay people and advocating the execution of magicians…

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling should say Thank You according to Worst Witch author
If you have noticed a similarity between the Worst Witch and Harry Potter you’re not alone. Jill Murphy has too and has reportedly said J.K. Rowling should thank her…

Hymn to Apollo
The Wild Hunt
Fifty years ago today, human beings first walked on the Moon…

Four killed over witchcraft allegations in India
Gulf News Asia
Four members of a family including two women were killed by fellow villagers in central India’s tribal heartland over allegations of witchcraft, authorities said on Sunday…

India’s ‘witches’ victims of superstition and poverty
Taiwan News
A law penalizing witch-hunting was passed in the mid-1800, but many in India resisted it. They thought the law was preventing them from punishing wrong-doers…

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