Pagan & Shinto News: Neighbour Files Complaint Against Canadian Pagan’s Religious Garden Artrt

Pagan & Shinto News: Neighbour Files Complaint Against Canadian Pagan’s Religious Garden Artrt July 5, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Canada: Neighbour files complaint against Canadian Pagan’s religious garden art
  • Japan: 1,000-year-old festival to ward off plague given modern revamp
  • UK: Mystery altar of Stonehenge sinks ancient raft theory

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Left: Stock image, Pixabay. Centre: Imamiya Yasurai Matsuri, User:Ikkyu / CC BY-SA. Right: Stonehenge, Pixabay

Pagan News

Neighbour files complaint against Canadian Pagan’s religious garden art
The Wild Hunt
Alayah Esotera has been in disputes with her neighbor over the presence of ritual art found on Esotera’s property…

Black women are looking to Astrology during a seismic 2020
In an industry dominated by white women, Black women are seeking out spiritual healing and guidance from each other…

UK: Rare date in history as Lammas Fair cancelled
Exeter City Council
Today will go down in history as one of the first times that Exeter’s historic Lammas Fair has not taken place in the city…

An interview with KPPR Pure Pagan Radio
Patheos Pagan: Martha Kirby Capo
Spend any amount of time listening to KPPR and you’re likely to hear, well, just about anything related to the wide world of Paganism…

Online Pagan Rituals: We’re Learning As We Go
Patheos Pagan: John Beckett
We’re 21st century Pagans – if we can’t be together, we can gather online…

Shinto News

1,000-year-old festival to ward off plague given modern revamp
The Asahi Shimbun
The Yasurai Matsuri event, one of three peculiar annual festivals in this old capital, was held at Imamiyajinja shrine after a state of emergency was declared for Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures because of the COVID-19 outbreak…

Cambridge Dictionary removes references to Yasukuni Shrine in definition of ‘enshrine’
The Korea Bizwire
The Cambridge dictionary has removed references to Yasukuni shrine in a definition following complaints from the Korean Embassy in the UK…

Tradition meets summer blooms as shrines arrange beautiful floating flower displays

Shrines are cooling off from the summer heat by taking the art of flower arrangement to a whole new level…

The origins and legend of Tanabata: Japan’s ‘Star Festival’
Japan Today
One of the most important and most celebrated events happening in Japan during the summertime is Tanabata 七夕. This iconic event is celebrated on July 7…

Power spots: The Japanese way to recharge your mind
Japan Today
A power spot (パワースポット or pawa-supotto in Japanese) is an area where spiritual visitors can take in the energy of the Earth and experience healing, generate good luck, or rejuvenate a tired body and soul…

Other News

Mystery altar of Stonehenge sinks ancient raft theory
The Times
Fresh evidence supports a theory that an important part of the monument was hauled to Salisbury Plain some 5,000 years ago via a Stone Age highway that followed the contours of the modern A40…

Stonehenge ‘excited’ to welcome visitors back
Spire FM
The English Heritage site is being opened up again but we can expect a few changes…

Digestive health of Japan’s sacred deer improves as tourist snacks dwindle
The Guardian
While the absence of tourists during the coronavirus pandemic may have deprived Nara’s famous deer of their favourite snack, it has worked wonders for their digestive health…

Stonehenge hip-hop tempts TikTok teens
The Times
For generations Stonehenge has been the preserve of worshipping druids and tourists flocking to see the stone circle. Now, the 5,000-year-old monument may be set for an influx of teenagers devoted to TikTok…

Parents say they’ve raised daughter to believe she’s a witch in a Harry Potter wizarding family

Parents who say they have raised their young daughter to believe she is a ‘witch’ after reading the Harry Potter books have sparked a fierce debate on social media…

The invention of satanic witchcraft by medieval authorities was initially met with skepticism
The Conversation
Belief in witches, in the sense of wicked people performing harmful magic, had existed in Europe since before the Greeks and Romans. In the early part of the Middle Ages, authorities were largely unconcerned about it…

Why forest bathing could be just the tonic you need
The Spectator
Forest bathing shouldn’t, despite its name, actually involve getting wet…

How faith in a forest goddess helps the Sundarbans survive
The Indian Express
The Indian Express looks at how a centuries-old folk theatre form and the worship of a forest goddess has helped the islanders understand the power of nature and the limits to human need in this precarious tide country…

India: Elderly woman killed over ‘witchcraft suspicion’ in Jamtara
The Times of India
Her son said: “Our relatives used to accuse my mother of being a witch and often threatened to kill her over a land dispute.”…

Liberia: Adolescent girl sexually assaulted after being thrown out for ‘witchcraft’
Front Page Africa
A girl believed in her late teens has been sexually assaulted in her anus after she was thrown out of her family in Omega Tower Community on accusation on her practising witchcraft…

South Africa: Inanda gran’s home gutted over witchcraft rumours
An Inanda family were left traumatised after their home was set alight on Sunday allegedly because the community suspected the homeowner practised witchcraft…

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