August 31, 2021

There's a lot we can do to improve public ritual, and most of those things don't require a whole lot of work. Read more

August 29, 2021

Every once in awhile when I’m between books I take questions from readers. I used to do this on Facebook, but now I mostly do it via my Patreon page. This set of questions deals with overlooked authors and classic books I’d like to see rewritten! Ryan asks: “If you could pick 3 of the early major books (example: Witchcraft Today) to be rewritten, what modern author(s) would you like to see take those rewrites…and why?” Well let’s start with... Read more

August 25, 2021

I used to make up stories about the people on the cover of Llewellyn books, these are a few of those stories. Read more

August 18, 2021

America has a long history of magick and occult practitiones, but who has been the most influential over the past 200 years or so? Read more

July 20, 2021

One of the things that's most important to me in regards to the Horned One are entry points into their mysteries, I truly believe that figures like Elen are one of those entryways, if that makes the Horned God "woke," that's the agency of the Horned God, it's not a political agenda. Read more

July 6, 2021

Simply, we are defending the tradition of seeking, the tradition of looking for information, and not blindly accepting what is told to you from your favorite witchy influencer. Read more

July 1, 2021

What if things in the Pagan and Witchcraft world's had unfolded just a little bit differently? Would we all still be here today? Maybe Druids would be more abundant than Witches? Read more

June 6, 2021

s the days grow longer, vaccination rates slowly tick up, and COVID cases fall, it seems as if Paganism is ready to reopen. Read more

April 26, 2021

Our Beltane fire this year will connect me both to the past and to where we are in the present. May its flame purge the past and promise a better tomororow. Read more

April 22, 2021

Over the course of fifty years the primary male deity of Wiccan-Witchcraft gradually shifted from the Horned God to "The God." What's the role of the Horned One in Wicca today? Read more

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