my interview with Andy Gill on millennials and religion (with the tour option)

my interview with Andy Gill on millennials and religion (with the tour option) June 30, 2014

Oh Lord, how I hate seeing myself on video.


Below I have embedded a 25-minute interview I did last week with Andy Gill, “Pete Enns on Millennials and Religion.” Andy transcribed some highlights on his site, so be sure to go there, too.

As you can see there, or by listening here, we covered some diverse topics in a short time.

Since Andy did such a good job telling you about the interview, let me give you a tour of my home office to keep in mind if you get bored with my talking.

On the door (which leads to the kitchen), I have affixed coasters from various pubs and one pennant from my two trips to Germany (1985 and 2003). I actually use two coasters on my desk, a reminder that I am not in a German pub but would like to be.

To the right of the door, from top to bottom, is a framed picture of my son Erich at the age of 12 causing some serious damage in a Little League game; a collage of mementoes created by my friend Tom Spence when I graded from Harvard with my PhD in 1994; a “Reserved Parking, Yankees Fan” sign my daughter Sophie gave me for my birthday in January (and which I don’t bring to Eastern, where, despite their many good qualities, most of my colleagues are Phillies fans).

Further to the right, above my head, is a map of Germany. You also see some of my books I keep at home–all my non-biblical studies books. Biblical studies are in my Eastern office.

There, I’m glad we covered that. Giving you a tour of my office is safer than giving you a tour of my head, anyway.

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  • Scottvj

    Good discussion.

    So what’s with the chirping bird in the background?

  • Derek

    Wonderful discussion.
    Much of it actually doesn’t resonate with my experience because I attend a fantastic small group fellowship instead of a “Sunday service”, but I know the issues are out there. For those who do attend a Sunday service with much hypocrisy and the like, I think a helpful thing to remember is that not everyone in the visible church is born-again.
    Now of course I am by no means perfect myself and have many struggles (so humility is important especially when dealing with other complex human beings whom we ought not be quick to judge), but I believe and understand the gospel and try to win the battles in my own life and take small steps toward holiness, love, and charity, so I can live a life pleasing to God.

  • rvs

    The honeysuit analogy caused me to think of Winnie the Pooh: “These are the wrong sort of bees.” I appreciated your answer in that segment (minutes 17-19).

  • Mark holcomb

    I’m a new Peter Enns fan. Thanks.

  • Mark holcomb

    To expand on my previous comment, so as to protect the appearance of a man crush; I too work on a Christian university, and appreciated the positive, hopeful way you answered Erich’s questions. I even heard Erich softening as the conversation became more personal, while speaking to a generation of his peers. This is a good work, and I’m glad to share it with others like you, Pete.