10th anniversary edition of Inspiration and Incarnation coming this summer

10th anniversary edition of Inspiration and Incarnation coming this summer March 3, 2015

Whatever plans you had this summer, cancel them. Enns_InspirationIncarn

Late this summer, Baker Academic will be releasing the 10th anniversary edition of Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament (1st edition still available here).

In addition to the new cover, this edition,

  • has some slight revisions for clarity (not content),
  • an expanded bibliography,
  • a preface explaining the rationale for this edition, and most of all,


  • a 6500 word reflective postscript that addresses various matters concerning the book’s reception, my thoughts on some criticisms of the book, and my continued positive vision for the book’s future.

It’s been an “interesting” 10 years for me since I&I came out. I am honored that Baker made the decision to publish this anniverary edition, and I am eager to see the book continue generating conversations and encouraging pilgrims on their journeys of faith.

As we get closer to the release date, I will blog more about the book to give a sense of what I cover in the postscript.

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  • newenglandsun

    From what I’ve read of the first edition myself, it seems an excellent book. It first introduced me to the problematic of using the term “helper” in the book of Genesis used to describe Eve to support the subordination of women.

    It would be interesting to see a Christian from a more Orthodox or Catholic background as well interacting with the problem of the Old Testament as well.

  • PSF

    Just in time for me to use as a course text next year, awesome!

  • Awesome! Now, I want to see you do a book on how the Bible has a history of subverting culture, for the better. I’m thinking of your comparison of Gen 1–11 to stuff like Enûma Eliš in I&I, empire criticism (I think you’ve blogged about this? or was that Scot McKnight…), etc. Three books on the matter:

    • Jacques Ellul’s The Subversion of Christianity
    • Peter Berger’s A Far Glory
    • Peter Berger’s The Precarious Vision: A Sociologist Looks at Social Fictions and Christian Faith

    There are likely others as well. I really like this idea that Christianity is primarily subversive, attacking the heart of the issue (2 Cor 10:3–6, anyone?), and frequently nonviolently. Why didn’t Jesus abolish slavery with a command? Well, another Servile War would probably be bad, and laws don’t change heartspace Turek and Geisler’s Legislating Morality. Paul is clear in 2 Cor 3: the letter of the law kills. So instead, what Jesus did was undermine the very foundation of slavery.

  • Just Sayin’

    I’m currently reading Brettler’s How to Read the Bible. I’d love to see you do a book like that.

  • Mark K

    Congratulations, Pete. I assume this edition comes with the decoder ring (finally!).

  • Yme Woensdregt

    Oh my gosh Peter … thank you for giving my summer some meaning now. I was casting about for some purpose … and here, as if a gift from heaven

    well, if not heaven, from Baker and Enns

    • peteenns

      It’s what I do.

      • Yme Woensdregt

        Seriously tho … I have not read “The Bible tells me so …” (he says with a shamefaced downcast look) … mainly because the issues which you address are not issues for me. But, before you delete my name from the Enns Book of Life, I have purchased two copies to give away to a couple of former fundamentalist friends who are in recovery, and they are peppering me with questions which show that they are “getting it” … so, many thanks for your effects in their lives, and I feel as if I am reading the book second-hand as it were