Welcome to the Gateway Blog

Welcome to the Gateway Blog June 30, 2009

Welcome to the Evangelical Gateway blog, which is associated with the Evangelical Gateway (thus the name) at Patheos.com.  This will be a central hub for information about the articles and other items posted on the Gateway.

I extend a special welcome to those who are joining us for the Faith@Work Consultation.  When you go to the Gateway, you will find a “Guide” to the Consultation and all that it offers.  But it all begins with a simple question, posted in the main thread of the Discussion Forum dedicated to the Consultation: “What are the five most pressing issues you face as a Christian in the workplace?”  It’s not my intention that this question should rhyme, but it happens to do so, and I take this as an auspicious sign.

We begin the Consultation with an article by John Terrill, Director of the Center for Integrity in Business, on how business schools, in light of the financial crisis, are reexamining the way they educate tomorrow’s business leaders–and a meditation by Galen C. Dalrymple, former manager extraordinaire and current pastor of Vineyard Hills Christian Church in Cloverdale, CA, on forming a Christian perspective on the significance of our work for God’s kingdom.  I will add links soon, but you can also simply visit the Gateway page itself and click on the “Faith@Work” tab.

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