Selling Virginity and Stealing Souls

Selling Virginity and Stealing Souls April 14, 2010

The video below is heartbreaking.  I thank God for the many Christian (and non-Christian) ministries that serve the girls who are trapped in sex slavery around the world.  Yet my heart burns with anger when I consider all the men who perpetuate the trade in virginity and sex.  I am especially angry when I consider the westerners who travel to countries like Cambodia specifically to objectify and use these women in the worst possible way.

The woman interviewed in the video estimates that she has had sex with 700 men in the past year.  It is painful to contemplate how much violence she has had to endure, how much disease she has been exposed to, and how much her sense of herself has been destroyed.  My wife and I were briefly involved in an anti-slavery organization, and I do believe that ending the sex slavery trade around the world is one of the most urgent vocations for the Christian church today.

(H/t Jonathan Goode for the video.)

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