Sunday Funnies: Harvard Class Day Edition

Sunday Funnies: Harvard Class Day Edition June 26, 2011

0.  Teacher does Meth with schoolchildren.

1.  Matthew Paul Turner’s “A Letter to Christianity (From Creativity)” is a great example of writing that is funny and yet purposeful and profound.

2.  Amy Poehler gave a funny speech at Harvard’s Class Day — the day before commencement when the Senior class comes together and listens to someone they chose to invite.  Past Class Day speakers range from Tom Brokaw, Bill Clinton and Mother Teresa to Will Ferrell, “Ali G,” George Plimpton and Bono.  Here’s Amy Poehler:

3.  Poehler inspired me to look back at other Class Day speakers.  I think Will Ferrell’s was probably the funniest, and it includes one of the best entrances I’ve seen:

4.  Speaking of Ali G, I must confess that I’ve enjoyed his less crude material.  Here’s one of my favorites — but be forewarned that the “G” does not stand for G-rated:

5.  Have you heard of the father who put on a display for his son every time the school bus came by?  Pretty funny.

6.  Finally, “As Prince Phillip turns 90, relive some of his most hilarious gaffes.”  Turns out Prince Phillip, the husband to Queen Elizabeth, frequently deposits his foot in his mouth.  One of my favorites: “‘People think there’s a rigid class system here, but dukes have been known to marry chorus girls. Some have even married Americans.’”  Also, “‘There’s a lot of your family in tonight.’ After noticing business leader Atul Patel’s name badge during a Buckingham Palace reception for 400 influential British Indians in 2009.”

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