Sunday Funnies, July 3, 2011

Sunday Funnies, July 3, 2011 July 3, 2011

1.  The Year of the Beard:

2.  NEWS YOU CAN USE.  Our long national nightmare, enslaved to uncertainty regarding the authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s bloated behind, is now over.

3.  The parody of children’s books, “Go the ___ to Sleep,” has received a great deal of attention.  Yet this Parody of Good Night Moon is more worthy of the attention.

4.  Paul Hunt is a sort of gymnastics clown.  I remember watching him at the Olympic Trials in Salt Lake City in 1988, the same year this was recorded:

5.  A reporter takes vengeance on those annoying people who wave at the camera while they’re walking by.

6.  Al Qaeda Attacks Internet with Photo of Adorable Piglet.  The best part is the reference to Maryanne Halberstroff:

7.  Speaking of al Qaeda, this is a classic from the Onion, in which al Qaeda dismisses 9/11 conspiracy theories:

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