Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies July 10, 2011

1.  “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”  The following may be a ruse, but it’s pretty darn hilarious nonetheless.  It presents as a video bio for E-Harmony in which the woman was absolutely overcome with her love for cats:

I’m guessing that wouldn’t have been the most successful video bid for dates.  But ya never know; some guy might find it adorable.  And he might love cats as much.  Now prepare yourself for the musical version:

At least we know now how those old ladies end up with 47 cats in their homes.

2.  He-Man covers Four Non-Blondes:

3.  I think you’ll enjoy this evergreen piece from Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like.

4.  From the geniuses at The Onion, “Nation Somehow Failed to Predict Attack by Michael Bay“.

And since my daughter has sores in her mouth and I’ve scarcely been able to leave her side since Friday night, that’s all for this week!  But I hope you enjoy one of the above.

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