Does Romney’s Mormon Faith – or Obama’s Muslim Faith – Really Matter?

Does Romney’s Mormon Faith – or Obama’s Muslim Faith – Really Matter? August 29, 2012

 JUST KIDDING.  I know that President Obama is not Muslim.  I think.  I mean, he attended a UCC church for 20 years, which is far too big a price to pay just to hide your true Islamic beliefs!  Right?  That’s like being waterboarded every Sunday for twenty years straight.  (To all my United Churches of Christ readers: I’m just kidding again.  I think.)

Geez, people, lighten up.  Where is the love?

Well, our friends at Odyssey Networks have deployed video teams to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where they’ve been exploring the religious angles of the stories developing there.  Check out the latest, asking delegates how much the personal faith of the candidates matters:

You can also check out video from the Unity Rally held at a Tampa-area megachurch on Sunday.  Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann both spoke to the Christians gathered there:

You can see more of the videos, as they arrive, at Patheos’ News and Politics channel.

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  • Scot Miller

    Are you trying to be funny, or are you just being a jackass? Because you sure aren’t funny….

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      I’m trying to be a jackass.

      [Eye roll]

      • In that case, RESULT!

        • Timothy Dalrymple


    • Moe

      Are you trying to be profound, or just being tedious?

  • MatthewS

    I love reading your posts but I’m afraid I don’t get the joke here…

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      There’s no big joke, MatthewS. I knew some of my more liberal friends would get all aflutter at the title, so I said it was just a joke. I was not trying to be hilarious or anything. There is this eagerness to be outraged and offended this time of year, and along the way in this post I was just making a minor “let’s not all be so uptight” point.

      • Scot Miller

        Your “joke” suffers from the same problem that Romney’s “joke” about his birth certificate. It would have been funnier if Romney had found humor in one of his own foibles rather than at the expense of his opponent. Instead, his “joke” comes across as just mean-spirited, and appeals only to people who still don’t believe that the State of Hawaii can be trusted to certify birth certificates, much less the President of the United States. Your joke would have been funner if you had made fun of yourself or your theology rather than someone else’s theology. As it is, you sound as tone deaf as Romney.

        • Timothy Dalrymple

          And you just sound ridiculous. Lighten up. Neither Romney nor I was mocking your beloved Obama. If anything, we’re mocking the people who believe he’s Muslim or not born in the United States.

        • Barrett

          So you’re saying Obama IS a foreign-born Moslem??? Cause if not then how are they his foibles? And is being Moslem a foible?
          Or, now, whose opponent (with the foibles), are we talking about? Romney’s? Or Dalrymple’s? Which I guess would be you; are you a multi-foibled foreign-born Moslem? There’s nothing wrong with that – so don’t be so sensative.
          I guess I just don’t get what you’re saying.

          • Scot Miller


            A joke at one’s own expense, or self-deprecating humor, is usually a good way to avoid appearing pompous, and it humanizes the person who does it. It might even make an otherwise pompous or arrogant person more likable. Romney could have joked about himself, and it would have been funnier. Romney could have joked about his warm personality and charm, for example.

            What I’m saying is that Romney was tone deaf by joking about his opponent rather than himself. In addition, I’m saying that Dalrymple is equally tone deaf by repeating the “joke” about someone he wishes were not president (which is fine), and by joking about attending a UCC church (which is a little tacky).

            To his credit, Dalrymple tries a little self-deprecating humor when he said he was trying to be a jackass. I, on the other hand, am quite humorless dullard who obviously can’t take a joke.

  • Cordelia

    Oh, yeah. The righteous indignation of the humour-impaired strikes again.

  • Fortuna Veritas

    I always understood that we had a de facto religious test to be elected and that’s the primary reason why the lie that Obama is a Muslim has been circulated.