Megablogger Tim Challies On His Ten-Year Anniversary

Megablogger Tim Challies On His Ten-Year Anniversary September 26, 2012

A hearty congratulations are due to Tim Challies for ten years of excellent blogging.  His is one of the longest-surviving blogs in the Christian blogosphere, and his faithfulness, his sincerity, and his God-given talent have paid off with tremendous growth and impact.

It all began with a minute, inconspicuous decision to register a domain name and start a blog.  He writes:

Registering a domain name, such a simple and insignificant thing, was one of those little acts that set my life on an entirely unexpected trajectory. I wouldn’t know how to think about this, how to interpret it, if I didn’t believe in the quiet hand of Providence that continually directs events, that knows the end (and the middle) long before the beginning. I look back on these ten years with quiet wonder and profound gratitude. At times I wish I could project what the next ten years might hold, but if I’ve learned anything, it is that I ought to know better than to make predictions.

Read the rest, and then check out the anniversary giveaway.

In an interview with Daniel Darling that we published sometime ago, Tim, asked whether he had any idea his blog would grow so large and influential, responded:

I set out to do nothing more at than post pictures of my kids on the Net so my parents and siblings could keep up with life on the northern side of the border (since they had all moved to the United States one year prior). It came as rather a shock after I wrote an article or two that people began to read them and enjoy them and even to ask for more of them. And it came as an even greater shock when the number of readers continued to climb from ten a day to hundreds and then thousands. It is certainly nothing I even considered before it happened. Once it did happen, I had to move from a posture of resignation to a posture of embrace—something that actually took me several years. I think that was a healthy process to go through since it really showed me that I need to look at this strange phenomenon as something to be stewarded for God’s glory.

Amen to that.

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