“Unconditional” Love

“Unconditional” Love September 25, 2012

My friend Darren Moorman was one of the producers of the film, Unconditional.  He’s a hugely talented Christian in the filmmaking industry, and I hope to show some of the short films he has produced — films that were directed by another believing friend of mine, Matt Pope, including one short film for which I wrote the script.

Unconditional released last weekend, but it’s had a tough time penetrating the market.  Christians often express their desire for more uplifting, redemptive stories.  This is a powerful story, well told.  I hope people will give it a shot.  If we don’t show that Christians will come out for redemptive stories, even when they’re so well crafted (it has very positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), then we’ll continue to face the same problem.

Here’s the trailer:

Most theaters are keeping the film running at least another weekend.  Check out your local listings.

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