Morning Hash: Bounties on Movie-Making Copt, Smartest Dogs, and Sopranos in Space

Morning Hash: Bounties on Movie-Making Copt, Smartest Dogs, and Sopranos in Space October 11, 2012

Morning Hash


Bounty on Anti-Muslim Filmmaker: a “religious cleric” in Afghanistan has offered a bounty of $300,000 to anyone who kills the maker of the film that has angered Muslims world-wide. The Pakistan Taliban ponied up an additional $100,000, and a former Pakistani legislator has also offered $200,000 for the death of the film maker.

The Evidence Against Lance: for some time, Lance Armstrong challenged the United States Anti-Doping Agency to name the names of those who say he used drugs.  On Wednesday, they did.

Attack Us and We’ll Kill 10,000: Iran is claiming that if they are attacked, they will kill at least 10,000 Israelis in return.

This is what you call lowering the bar: Yes, this mother beat her toddler and glued the toddler’s hands to the wall with super-glue. But she’s not a monster. She says.

Let the Battle Be Joined: Obama’s answer for his poor debate performance: “I was too polite.”  At least now we know it wasn’t the “altitude.”  Al Gore is no better at inventing excuses than he was at inventing the internet.


My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog: Which breeds are the smartest?

Eat More Chocolate? Genius!: there seems to be a link between a country’s consumption of chocolate and the number of Nobel Prize winners that country spawns.  But the question is: what kind of chocolate is best for growing brains?

What did Einstein really know, anyway?: Maybe we can travel faster than the speed of light.

Jurassic Park Just Won’t Happen: if you’ve been tossing sleeplessly at night think that a T-Rex might come crashing through your front door, you can now rest assured.

Sopranos In Space: No, not Tony Soprano. Sarah Brightman.  She’s bought a ticket to ride a Russian space ship to the international space station, saying the trip will be “life-changing” and a “beautiful journey.”  She’ll also bring some excellent vocal talent to the international space station.  Up until now, they’ve only had fantastic dancers.

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