Breakfast Links for 11/20/12 – Nose-Cell Transplants and Dogs; A Pro-Life Death Penalty Advocate; Petraeus, Men and Sex

Breakfast Links for 11/20/12 – Nose-Cell Transplants and Dogs; A Pro-Life Death Penalty Advocate; Petraeus, Men and Sex November 20, 2012


Fergus Walsh, BBC News Health: Nose-Cell Transplant Helps Paralyzed Dogs to Walk

Alan Noble, Patheos/Christ and PopCulture: “Rather than heal our racial divide, Obama supporters’ constant use of the race card seemed to create significantly more conflict between whites and blacks. And a study has provided evidence for escalated conflict.”

Rachel Held Evans, CNN Belief Blog: The Danger of Calling Behavior “Biblical”

L. Kenna, Patheos/Evangelical Channel: “The cursed mindset says that you and your spouse can never be happy, can never be enough without a child.  And that is a lie.  Just like the lie that being infertile has anything to do with how much God loves you.”

Nile Gardiner, The Telegraph: Obama Blunders on World Stage Continue

Bill Blankschaen, Patheos/Bill in the Blank: “It is precisely because I value human life so highly that I must support death as the divinely appointed penalty for those who take God’s authority upon themselves to murder another. And it may be precisely because others do not value human life that they would both support abortion and oppose the death penalty for murder.”

Salena Zito, Real Clear Politics: Boehner’s Smart Play

Dillon Burroughs, Patheos/Holy Writ: “When we do as we wish, or “live and let live” as is often quoted today, disaster results.”

Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz: This Israeli-Hamas Conflict is Different than ‘09

Mark Regenerus, Patheos/Black, White and Gray: “No, male self-control has not changed a great deal over human history. What has grown dramatically is sexual opportunity and what has declined precipitously is social restraint.”

Mark Driscoll, Resurgence: A Father’s Fright of Twilight

Thomas L. MacDonald, Patheos/God and the Machine: “That’s the tendency of original sin tugging at me, but even before that original sin, there was the great gift and the great danger of free-will. That’s what I mean when I say that if Adam hadn’t taken the apple, I would have. It was inevitable.”

David Warren, The Catholic Thing: Living in Occupied America

Mark Shea, Patheos/Catholic and Enjoying It: “The future is that time when you and all you love will be dead.  Get over it.  We’re not made for the future.  We’re made for eternity.”


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