Breakfast Links: Hunting Satan, No Bounce, the Real God Stands Up

Breakfast Links: Hunting Satan, No Bounce, the Real God Stands Up October 22, 2012

BREAKFAST LINKS for 10/22/12:

Hunting Satan: “How does a simple statement of what may be true—“XYZ happened because of the work of the dark one”—end up justifying failure to embrace the redemptive work of God on the one hand and acts of unspeakable violence in Jesus’ name on the other?”

Jonathan S. Tobin: No Bounce for Obama Troubling to Dems

Ed Morrissey: When Desperation Strikes Incumbents

Vote for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: “As this election draws near, there are two paths which lie before us. They are headed in opposite directions. One encourages “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and one seems to be in direct opposition to these God-given rights.”

Molly Ball: Why Women Are Abandoning Obama

Kathleen Dolan and Jennifer L. Lawless: Does Romney ‘Get” Women Who Work?

Will the Real God Please Stand Up?: “Does Job offer an easy response to our opening question? Decidedly not. But after YHWH’s speech, we may be able to say with Job that our old “hearing of the ear” needs a more active and personal “seeing of the eye” if we are to catch sight of the real God for whom we all seek.”

Michael Stafford: The Pro-Life Movement’s Failure

Elizabeth Evans Hagan: Religious Litmus Tests

John Blake: Is Obama the Wrong Kind of Christian?

The Badness of Ayn Rand: “Rand’s fiction sucks for the same reason so much Christian fiction sucks. It is endlessly didactic, so busy preaching it forgets to pay close attention to life.”

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