The Cliff is Nuts

The Cliff is Nuts December 13, 2012

With the fiscal cliff looming in front of us, and negotiations extending to cover the debt limit issue, I thought this was an appropriate time to visit Justin Folk’s “The Spending is Nuts,” which won Powerline‘s video contest a little over a year ago:

See the original announcement at Powerline for more info about the video and its maker.

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  • Jeremy Forbing

    Is it worth pointing out that the majority of responsible squirrels who study the economy of nuts state that during times of nut recession, cutting government programs to give out nuts that thereby re-enter the system is not a good idea? Or that nut austerity has only dragged the economy of European squirrels deeper into their recession? Or is this video only about showcasing the views of extremely fiscally Conservative, anti-governance squirrels( like members of of the Nut Tea Party) on the spending of nuts– views that were resoundingly, in the last election, declared by the majority of squirrels to be, well, nuts?

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      Dude, what are you talking about? You’re acting like this is some kind of political statement. It’s just a story about squirrels.

      • Jeremy Forbing

        Sorry, man. You’re right, I just get nuts about nuts sometimes. Here is another fun kids’ cartoon with no underlying agenda at all: ttp://
        (Hopefully no one is silly enough to read a political statement into that one. I think I got carried away for a second before.)

        • Timothy Dalrymple