And So It Starts – Spinning The Hobby Lobby Case

And So It Starts – Spinning The Hobby Lobby Case July 2, 2014

This is a picture of yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News, front page, above the fold. The headline:


Underneath that it reads:


Well, yes, maybe; but mostly no.

  • Fact #1: The only companies that can avoid coverage are those which family run, have strongly held religious beliefs, and are closely run by the family.
  • Fact #2: Most companies will not even consider cutting contraceptive coverage because offering contraception reduces the costs of pre-natal, maternity, and delivery care.

In other words, most people who rely on their health insurance for their contraception (because working people can’t afford the average $9/mo for contraceptive pills, I guess) will still be covered. Contraception will still be widely available and easily accessible, often even free (paid for by the government, that is). It’s just that now the Supreme Court has ruled that a small segment of the population doesn’t have to pay for someone else’s contraception.

Even if you support the use of contraception, there is no war against you.


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