UPDATED: Did the Kenyan Bishops Just Expose WHO & UNICEF?

UPDATED: Did the Kenyan Bishops Just Expose WHO & UNICEF? November 7, 2014

Yesterday, the Bishops of Kenya issued what appeared to be a courageous statement exposing a clandestine population control program disguised as a tetanus vaccine program.

From their findings –

2.   The Tetanus Vaccine
Dear Kenyans, due to the direction the debate on the ongoing Tetanus Vaccine campaign in Kenya is taking, We, the Catholic Bishops, in fulfilling our prophetic role,  wish to restate our position as follows:

  1. The Catholic Church is NOT opposed to regular vaccines administered in Kenya, both in our own Church health facilities and in public health institutions.
  2. However, during the second phase of the Tetanus vaccination campaign in March 2014, that is sponsored by WHO/UNICEF,  the Catholic Church questioned the secrecy of the exercise. We raised questions on whether the tetanus vaccine was linked to a population control program that has been reported in some countries, where a similar vaccine was laced  with Beta- HCG hormone which causes infertility and multiple miscarriages in women.
  3. On March 26, 2014 and October 13, 2014, we met the Cabinet Secretary in-charge of health and the Director of Medical Services among others and rasied our concerns about the Vaccine and agreed to jointly test the vaccine. However the ministry did not cooperate and the joint tests were not done
  4. The Catholic Church struggled and acquired several vials of the vaccine, which we sent to Four unrelated  Government and private laboratories in Kenya and abroad.
  5. We want to announce here, that all the tests showed that the vaccine used in Kenya in March and October 2014  was indeed laced with the Beta- HCG hormone.
  6. On 13th of October 2014, the Catholic Church gave copies of the results to the cabinet secretary and the Director of Medical Services. The same was emailed to the Director of Medical Services on October 17, 2014.

Based on the above grounds, We, the Catholic Bishops in Kenya, wish to State the following:

  1. That we are shocked at the level of dishonesty and casual manner in which such a serious issue is being handled by the Government.
  2. That a report presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Health  November 4, 2014 by the Ministry of Health, claiming that the Government had tested the Vaccine and found it clean of  Beta- HCG hormone, is false and a deliberate attempt to distort the truth and mislead 42 million Kenyans.
  3. That we are dismayed by attempts to intimidate and blackmail medical professionals who have corroborated information about the vaccine, with threats of disciplinary action. We commend and support all professionals who have stood by the truth.
  4. That we shall not waver in calling upon all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination campaign laced with Beta-HCG, because we are convinced that  it is indeed a disguised population control programme.

The level of deception and disregard for human dignity on the part of WHO & UNICEF is chilling. Here’s yet another case of a powerful entities deciding that they know what’s best for an individual without even consulting her.

These actions shake any trust in genuine health care. After all, this is a tetanus shot laced with Beta-HCG hormone to cause infertility and miscarriages. The shot that’s supposed to protect  a woman from a serious infection, let’s say, from a rusty nail or some other puncture wound, is now robbing her of her ability and decision to have children.

Even in the developed countries, where we are contracepting ourselves out of existence, infertility carries a stigma. A woman is still supposed to be able to have a baby if she wants one.

In the developing countries, a woman’s fertility generally is still considered to be a good thing, a blessing even, so much so that women who suffer from infertility are often stigmatized and shunned, considered unequal among other women.

If the Bishops statement is true, WHO and UNICEF have robbed these women of one of their most basic rights and cherished gifts. If it’s true, these health organizations may have just created a climate in which general health care will be shunned by people who – rightly – do not want to have their bodies manipulated by the very organizations that should be promoting health in accord with human dignity.

I hope the Bishops release their findings so that more light can be shed on the situation. At the moment, it’s so awful that even I have run out of words.

UPDATE: MaterCare.org corroborates the Kenyan Bishops’ statement. Of particular note –

Our concern and the subject of this discussion is the WHO/UNICEF sponsored tetanus immunization campaign launched last year in October ostensibly to eradicate neonatal tetanus. It is targeted at girls and women between the ages of 14 – 49 (child bearing age) and in 60 specific districts spread all around the country. The tetanus vaccine being used in this campaign has been imported into the country specifically for this purpose and bears a different batch number from the regular TT. So far, 3 doses have been given – the first in October 2013, the second in March 2014 and the third in October 2014. It is highly possible that there are two more doses to go.

Giving five doses of tetanus vaccination every 6 months is not usual or the recommended regime for tetanus vaccination. The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.

When tetanus is laced with HCG and administered in five doses every 6 months, the woman develops antibodies against both the tetanus and the HCG in 2 – 3 years after the last injection. Once a mother develops antibodies against HCG, she rejects any pregnancy as soon as it starts growing in her womb thus causing repeated abortions and subsequent sterility.

WHO conducted massive vaccinations campaigns using the tetanus vaccine laced with HCG in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and Philippines in 1994 ostensibly to eradicate neonatal tetanus. The campaign targeted women aged 14 – 49 years and each received a total of 5 injections.

Read the entire statement. This needs international action. At the very least, letters of inquiry from national governments so that serious investigations are undertaken. Surreptitious sterilization is a serious human rights violation.

UPDATE 2 (Friday, 2.30 p.m. PT) – A friend just sent me a link to this piece in a Kenyan paper by Dr. Luis Franceschi, LLB, LL.M, LL.D, Dean of the Strathmore Law School, Law Lecturer and Legal Advisor to several national and international government commissions and programs. I think it’s a great overview that emphasizes the need for transparency, honesty, and real collaboration for the good. He writes:

The concern of many doctors is based on the fact that the WHO/Unicef-sponsored tetanus immunisation campaign launched last year in October uses a vaccine that was imported into the country specifically for this purpose [sterilization], and bears a different batch number from the regular tetanus toxoid.

….Could WHO have become an instrument of forced human manipulation and eugenics? Who knows? WHO says no. It is essential to entrust this matter to an impartial scientifically qualified third party.

….Government, churches and WHO must come together and work together. The three are key players in our health-care system. Anyone who looks down upon the Church’s health-care involvement and capacity is ignorant and has not travelled too far outside Nairobi.

The divide can be easily remedied. It is a matter of trust. The solution is simple, but requires from all sides a little token of humility and the capacity to back-pedal.

The government should bring on board the Church and representatives from WHO and hand in genuine samples of this vaccine batch to independent labs. If the vaccine is laced with hCG, then the campaign should be suspended. If it is not, the Church should apologise and support the campaign.

Clearly, one of the two should back-pedal, and this depends purely on scientific evidence, not religious or moral convictions.

Again, read his entire piece. For the sake of all involved, for the sake of human dignity, human rights, and human health, clear and true answers need to be found.

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