Janet Smith Weighs In On Dawn Eden’s Critique of Christopher West

Janet Smith Weighs In On Dawn Eden’s Critique of Christopher West September 30, 2010

Dr. Janet Smith has just had published a response to Dawn Eden’s critique of Christopher West. I think it’s worth the time to read it as she clarifies some very important points and raises some fair questions.

No doubt this debate will continue. But I really do wonder about all the energy that has been spent critiquing West. Fine, he’s not to everyone’s liking. De gustibus non est dispuntandum. In matters of taste/preference, there is no dispute. We have different types of spirituality, different vocations, etc. Just because we’re Catholic doesn’t mean we can’t have differing opinions.

Speaking of different opinions, I happen to think that some candid conversations about sex are a good thing. Here’s arelated piece I wrote.

Update – Oct 5 – Janet has posted a revised version of her critiquehere.

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