The Plot Thickens.

The Plot Thickens. April 16, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about an NPR and Planned Parenthood collective effort to attack the recent Vitae ad campaign that ran here in Seattle.

Upon further research, it looks like NPR took its cue from an article in The Stranger, a local independent paper which ran a story about the adds a few weeks ago. In fact, the debate is not about the Vitae ads per se, but about the recently failed legislation that would have required pregnancy help centers to advertise that they don’t provide abortions. From the article:

The bill that would’ve held religious pregnancy centers accountable for being honest in their advertising and up front about the services they don’t provide—abortion referrals, birth control, comprehensive women’s health care—is dead. So these billboards can advertise sites that promote scare tactics to vulnerable women. It’s sickening that the legislature failed to pass a measure to fix this problem.

And yesterday, they followed up with yet another rant: Anti-Choice Billboard Group Wants to Save Whatever Happens to Be Growing Inside You. [Both articles contain expletives.]

Meanwhile, the Seattle Clinic Defense has jumped into the fray, organizing rallies to support Planned Parenthood. Today, they’ve scheduled a protest of the the 40 Days For Life prayer vigil at a local Planned Parenthood. Let’s hope they’re as peaceful as the 40 Days for Life people have been.

Somehow, I doubt it. The organizer of the local 40 Days vigil has had feces spread on her car, objects thrown at her while she was praying, and her house egged.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for Planned Parenthood to announce that they don’t promote parenthood and I’d love some transparency about the “peaceful” attacks on the local 40 Days organizer.

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