The Horned One, Part One: A Reflection

The Horned One, Part One: A Reflection September 3, 2016


Herne on his steed, with hound, and owl.
Herne on his steed, with hound, and owl. Wikipedia Free Image.

Horned Deities and Divine Inspiration Throughout Human Evolution

Here is a short reflection that I was inspired to write today as an introduction to a series of articles related to the various forms and imagery related to the god of witchcraft, the Horned God, or Witch Father.  Since this topic spans so much history, and has been contributed to by many different culture’s esoteric beliefs for simplicity’s sake I am going to split them up into smaller themes and categories.  From the ancient origins of “Satan” in the Old Testament, to Luciferian Gnosis, Neo-Pagan God imagery, and prevalence in modern traditional witchcraft; will attempt to weave together all of these correlating sources to get to the root of this Elder God and his connection to witchcraft.

The Horned God often depicted in many forms throughout time and across cultures, is an Elder God of shadowy origins.  Likely one of the original generative forces of our world, he is a god of material creation, and the denizens of the natural world both seen and unseen.  He represents the Unity of material form and pure spirit, the Divine Child, represented by his two horns.  The light that shines between them is the Promethean Flame that illuminated the spirits of man teaching him the many great artes that would elevate him above his ancestors of primitive origin.

The “fall” as it would become known occurred in the dark beginnings of human civilization over 200,000 years ago.  This divine knowledge was gifted to man by a sympathetic being who would be called  “the great transgressor” in many of the myths recounting this tale.  It was this ancient light-bringer who sought to elevate man to a godlike status, teaching him how to farm, forge metals, and make medicine from plants.  Following early man throughout this evolution, the Horned God would teach many things to those who would listen; including the artes of the flesh and spirit, calling down the celestial forces, and traveling without one’s physical body across time and space.

To be continued in Part 2.


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