Reliquaries, Charms, & Amulets

Reliquaries, Charms, & Amulets February 11, 2019

Repositories of Numinous Power

Reliquaries, fetishes, amulets and charm bags are all examples of containers for magical energy, the will of the magician and spiritual forces.  They represent the will desires of the practitioner and the powers they wish to employ.  A collection of consciously selected objects, brought together and bound by the agency of their creator.  A chorus of dissonant energies when gathered together, create the song of something new.  Each object having its own lore, and its own purpose for inclusion based on its symbolism, correspondence and occult powers.  Each object conveys its own part of a story that the witch is trying to tell.  Whether plant, mineral or zoological curio, each piece has its own unique history and is connected to a singular thread of Fate.  These seemingly unrelated threads which would otherwise never meet of their own accord are woven together creating a new entity with a new Fate.

Herbal Resin Charms by Poisoner’s Apothecary

Creating these artifacts for myself and other practitioners is one of my passions.  The assemblage of magical objects, which I refer to as artifice, is a means to create a nuanced representation of diverse spiritual forces represented by a tangible object.  Magical artifice and the creation of ritual adornments is one of the many niches filled by the magical practitioner.  The more symbolism that can be layered into a magical object, the more connections it makes to the Web of Fate.  The more intricately these threads are woven, the deeper the idea is deposited into the witch’s subconscious.  It is here that our magical will is catalyzed and our desired results are manifested.

Touchstones of Spirit

These arcane objects may be created as touchstones for specific deities and spirits, including ancestors and familiar spirits.  It all depends on the components that are brought together and how they connect within the mind of the magician.  Many ritual objects serve as dwellings for individual spirits, providing them with a physical anchor in this reality.  They may also act as catalysts for specific arcane powers, serving as focal points for states of consciousness and ritual mindsets.  Like any other sacred magical tool, ritual adornments gather energy and take on a force of their own through repeated use.  Objects contain energetic imprints of their history, forging a bond with their owner.  They can be imbued with specialized forces that can be accessed by the wearer.

Herbal Amulets by Poisoner’s Apothecary

In Catholicism, it is believed that the holy virtue of a saint is contained within their body after death.  In the early days of the religion, when a saint died; their body, clothes and other possessions would be preserved as holy relics.  These relics were often held in ornate repositories known as reliquaries, to be taken out for important ceremonies.  Many reliquaries were the focal point for pilgrimages, hundreds of followers would come to sites of these magical objects to pray for healing and intervention.  The remains of these important individuals would be divided into smaller parts in order for their power to be distributed over a larger area.  Small bone fragments, pieces of cloth and locks of hair would be carefully contained in the reliquary to be taken to churches across the kingdom.

Artifice as a form of devotion

As paganism grows and more and more people turn to personal empowerment through magical practices and individual spirituality, our community blossoms into a diverse network.  Artisans, teachers, activists and people of all sorts all bring something unique to offer to the table.  Some individuals are gifted formularies, creating art through alchemical preparations.  Others are brilliant writers and teachers sharing their insights and giving a voice to our community.  They are our historians and keepers of lore, tracing our journey with their words.  Craftspeople of all sorts those who work with textiles, pen and ink, fire and forge all play a crucial role in the vibrant community that is modern magical society.  Many artisans and creative people look at their work as a form of devotion or offering.  By spreading knowledge we honor the spirits and those deities who are our patrons.  That is how I look at what I do.  Many of the plants I work with are formidable spiritual allies with much to teach us.  Many of them have extensive histories following the evolution of magical practice and the Witch.  Whether it is through planting seeds, distributing herbs or the creation of botanical reliquaries; I look at what I do as spreading the spirit of these plants far and wide.  I honor them by bringing them to those who would seek their mysteries and it is a pleasure and an honor to do so.

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