A Malediction to Lilith: A Curse for the Wronged

A Malediction to Lilith: A Curse for the Wronged June 16, 2020

Lilith is the champion of those who have been ostracized, cast out and wronged.  With the proper offerings she will fight for any cause, whether justified or otherwise.  She is most sympathetic to women, but will work with the right men.  She is quick to act when called upon against cheating spouses, abusers, and chauvinists.  I wrote this spell for a client who was looking for retribution against a cheating husband.   It can be adapted to be used against any wrongdoer.



Sigil of Lilith

3 black candles

Clay or dough

Saturnian or baneful herbs (deadly nightshade, hemlock, blackthorn, etc.)


Three drops of blood in wine


The Spell:

On the night of the dark moon begin your preparations at an altar with three unlit black candles arranged in an inverted triangle.   Take the clay or dough and sprinkle the ashes over it.  Begin sculpting a humanoid form in the image of the target.  Carve the name of the target in the figure.

Lilith, daughter of dust; pulled from the scorched earth.

First wife, un-submitting; we call to your primal power.

Come forth dark mother from the caves near the Red Sea.

We summon you.  Black Moon.  Mare of Night.

Protectress of the wanderer, defender of the outcast.

Fill this space with your presence.  Empower this rite.

Place the figure upon the sigil of Lilith within the three black candles.  Light them while chanting….

By the black flame, lit in your name.

Plunge my foe into eternal fire.

May the smoke that pleases you choke my enemies.

If possible pass the figure through incense smoke.  

By the crimson ichor spilled in your honor.

Drain the vitality from (Name)

In a bowl full of baneful herbs, lay the newly formed effigy. Pour the wine/blood mixture over the herbs around the figure.

Mother of Demons. Progenetrix of Legion.

Send your children on wings of night.

And torment (Name) until he is destroyed.

In silence, take the bowl of herbs and the figure to a predetermined place.  It should be a place of desolation where the Sun never shines.  Inter the figure and the herbs in this predetermined area.  Leave and do not look back.  


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