Plant Spirit Glyphs

Plant Spirit Glyphs September 21, 2020

Plant spirit glyphs are symbolic representations of the of the occult forces that are accessed when using herbs in spell work.  They are created in partnership with the genius or consciousness of a plant.  The creation of these power symbols combines spirit writing, sigil craft and plant spirit communion.  They are individual creations, but their power can be accessed by others.  Their designs vary and can be as simple or intricate as one desires.  The less intricate they are, the easier they will be to duplicate.  Plant spirit glyphs can be used in spell work like any other occult symbol for connecting with the power behind its purpose.

Atropa belladonna by Coby Michael

Conduits of the Plant Spirit

The glyph is charged over time with repeated use, acting as a conduit to the plant spirit.  It can be used in rituals when working with the herb to enhance its power.  In its symbolism it contains all of the characteristics associated with the plant in myth and folklore.  These powers can be tapped into when using the glyph.  For example, the glyph of a plant associated with the Underworld could be used as a focal point for inducing trance to descend in spirit.  They glyphs are meant to assist in any spell work that is associated with the plant it represents, and can also be used when summoning the spirits associated with the plant.

The glyph can also be incorporated when charging plant matter before magical use using candles or inscribing symbols on the altar.  The benefits are mutual and the glyph is charged simultaneously.  It can also be used to mark containers for the appropriate herb to help contain and amplify its power while it is being stored.  This could also act as a way to mark certain herbs that you do not want others identifying.  Overtime these symbols will become totems of power for the practitioner.  Some practitioners may have specific plants as their allies and choose to use their glyphs as power symbols.  This would serve to represent the intimate connection with the plant spirit familiar.  Like other familiar spirits, the plant spirit familiar will assist the practitioner in many of their workings.  They will share the ways that they wish to be worked with moving our hands intuitively.

Aconitum napellus by Coby Michael


First a plant spirit ally must be chosen.  It should be a plant that you already have some familiarity with.  This step would take place after making an initial connection with the plant spirit.  I discuss this process more in depth in my Plant Spirit Familiar Workshop, which also covers making these glyphs.  Prior to beginning the connection to the plant spirit would be called forth.  Some may choose to drink a tea (if its safe), burn incense, or apply an oil that contains the herb.  The structure of the glyph is formed intuitively with the help of the plant spirit after deconstructing the plant’s Latin name into simple lines.  The process is the same as sigil making except we are not going to destroy this creation, we are going to build upon it.

The new glyph should then be charged with the plant’s energy.   This can be done by putting it in close proximity to the plant, by smoking it with incense made of the plant or anointing it with oil.  A really powerful way to do this is to use an ink made from the plant if it has berries, or my creating a strong infusion of the flowers or leaves to create a kind of water color that can be used to draw the glyph in a ritualized way.  Astrological timing can be utilized when creating these glyphs, and any other ritual elements you would like to add to its construction.  Everyone’s glyphs will be stylized differently, but they will all share the same elements linking them together just like the plants they represent.

***Above are some of the plant spirit glyphs that I have constructed with help from my botanical allies.

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