The Healing Properties of Baneful Herbs

The Healing Properties of Baneful Herbs October 6, 2020

Baneful herbs, herbs that are toxic or potentially deadly have been and continue to be some of mankind’s most important medicines, while their applications have evolved, drugs like atropine, scopolamine and digoxin have botanical origins.  It is because of these plant’s chemical potency that they are so important.  These herbs also have very powerful spirits and their energies are palpable.  They are powerful allies to spiritual practitioners and magicians alike.  As plant spirit medicine they have much to teach us.  The descriptions of the energetic and spiritual qualities of these herbs here barely scratch the surface.  As more an more people begin to discover the power of these herbs we will uncover more knowledge about them.

Accessing the plant’s spirit medicine can be done through the use of vibrational remedies, charms and amulets.  Through this energetic connection the herbs effect us on a mental, emotional or spiritual level.  The following is a list of well known baneful herbs and some of their vibrational qualities.  I have included some information on the herb’s homeopathic uses, and their as flower essences.  These are both safe ways of obtaining the benefits from these toxic plants as they are vibrational remedies and contain only trace amounts of plant material.

The idea that poisonous plants can heal us is a strange one.  However, it is more about the specific chemicals and their dosages.  In small dosages the effects are much different, and are medically useful.  The same is true when we are talking about homeopathic dosages and vibrational remedies.  The plants act differently in these minute dosages and their energetic effects are amplified.


Foxglove-Digitalis-The Protector

Homeopathic/Vibrational Remedies

  • effects the heart and emotional body, filling it with loving vibrations
  • helps with self-love, and overcoming feelings of loneliness and abandonment
  • heart conditions, angina, apprehension and anxiety about the future, fear of death, letting go of remorse or guilt
  • Calms an overworked mind and internal anxieties
  • Used in homeopathic doses to treat a slow heartbeat
  • Strengthening the heart, treating heart failure and irregularities

Flower Essence

  • calms emotions related to relationship trauma
  • feelings of vulnerability
  • protective of the heart and feelings


Monkshood-Aconitum-The Hermit

Homeopathic/Vibrational Remedies

  • introspection, inner reality, realignment with Self
  • stabilizes emotional body after trauma
  • supportive for fear, shock, anxiety, chronic difficulties, past/childhood traumas
  • breaking past indoctrination and dogma

Flower Essence

  • spiritual leadership qualities, spiritual integrity,
  • psychic ability, sense of identity/authentic self



Datura Pod.

Datura-Stramonium-The Trickster/Shaman


Homeopathic/Vibrational Remedies

  • dealing with the process of death and the fear of dying, helps with grief and mourning
  • brings clarity and insight to dreams
  • strength in confronting fears and anxiety
  • calms restlessness, helps dispel nightmares, delusions, night terrors

Flower Essence

  • purging unwanted energies and harmful influences, removing attachments
  • brings a change of perspective, helping through periods of transformation


Hemlock-Conium-The Blade

Homeopathic/Vibrational Remedies

  • release from what is holding you back or keeping you captive
  • reclaiming personal power through voice
  • helps with exhaustion and loss of interest
  • extreme sexual excitement and suppressed sexuality

Flower Essence

  • releases emotional paralysis caused by fear
  • helps ease transitions
  • detoxifies the emotional body


Deadly Nightshade-Belladonna-The Fury

Homeopathic/Vibrational Remedies

  • death, fate, spirituality, sexuality
  • cutting the cord and releasing harmful attachments to people and the past
  • helps calm anger and agitation
  • helps those who are hypersensitive to stimuli

Flower Essence

  • brings clarity so we can see through illusions and cut ties
  • taking back personal power


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