Blackthorn’s Protection Magic

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic February 27, 2022

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Mental and Physical Self-Defense 

By Amy Blackthorn

March 2022, Weiser Books


Blackthorn’s Protection Magic

Protective magic arose from early human’s needs to protect themselves from threats to their survival.  Disease, dangerous animals, and the threat of other humans gave rise to an infinite litany of apotropaic charms, taboos and superstitions intended to keep people safe.  Protection magic is one of the oldest forms of operative magic, or magic not for religious purposes.  It is often one of the first types of spells a new witch will learn, and seeking protection is many times the impetus leading people to the Craft.  Witchcraft provides a sense of protection that puts the practitioner in control, and allows them to take an involved approach to their own personal protection, and that of those they love.

When we seek to work with occult forces, we put a neon “open for business” sign above our heads.  By enacting in spell work, we are signaling to the spirit world that we want to interact.  We are initiating into a co-creative relationship with the Universe and its powers, and that opens us up to a lot of different things.  Magical hygiene is the cornerstone of sound spiritual practice, and protective magic is a large part of that.  Protection magic can mean many different things.  It is setting clear boundaries, removing harmful people from our lives, and making ourselves a priority.

In Blackthorn’s Protection Magic, author Amy Blackthorn combines her vast magical knowledge with her professional experience as the head of security for a top real estate firm; specializing in executive protection Blackthorn is trained in assessing all aspects of a situation to determine where protection is needed.  The approach of this book is practical and accessible, an all too important text in a time when our personal boundaries are always under attack.

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The book begins by defining what protection magic is, and the many different forms that it can take.  Blackthorn discusses the role that personal boundaries and beliefs play in keeping harmful forces at bay.  She points out that sometimes we even need protection from our selves, and the harmful behaviors that we learn.

The book is divided into three main categories, as the main areas of our lives that can benefit from protective magic; mind, body, and spirit.  This relates to our psychic, physical and emotional protection.  By assessing these areas in our own lives we can determine where we need to lend reinforcement.  Blackthorn really involves the reader, and shows them the power they hold to protect themselves.

This is not a typical book on protection magic, and Blackthorn offers advice in a number of areas that are of special importance to people in the magical community.  In the section on crystals for protection we are taught how to recognize fake stones, something that is becoming all too common.  Blackthorn gives warning signs to spot scam artists in the magical community, and how to do your own curse assessment to avoid being taken advantage of by would be curse lifters!  She discusses emergency preparedness, both magical and mundane, as well as self-defense information.

Blackthorn arms the reader with the skills of discernment to protect against human threats like stalking and kidnapping, giving advice on escape plans.  She also gives tips on working with spiritual entities, and how we can keep ourselves safe from occult harm.

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She applies her expert herbal knowledge providing a section on essential oil and herbs for protection, and using fragrant smoke from herbs and incense to create a protective atmosphere.  Blackthorn includes lots of interesting facts and footnotes, covering many related topics in 175 pages.  There is also a section on using Tarot spells for protection in different areas of life.  The book is wrapped up with some tables of correspondence and further reading.

Amy Blackthorn

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic comes out March 1st 2022, and is being published by Weiser Books.  You can find this title and others by Amy such as Blackthorn’s Botanical Brews and Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic.  Amy lives in Delaware and runs Blackthorn’s Blends where you can find all of her books and amazing herbal blends.  Amy also hosts the popular podcast, The Blackthorn Grove, available on Spotify and all other listening apps.

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