Flower Essences from the Witch’s Garden

Flower Essences from the Witch’s Garden March 3, 2022

Flower Essences from The Witches’ Garden: Plant Spirits in Magical Herbalism

By Nicholas Pearson

Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

March 2022


The latest title from prolific author Nicholas Pearson is something a little bit different than his amazingly informative books on crystals.  Published by Inner Traditions/Park Street Press, Flower Essences from the Witches’ Garden come out March 2022.  This book is about flower essences, another topic that Nicholas has a lot of experience with along with reiki and crystal energetics.  Crystal healing and flower essence therapy are two modalities that often go hand in hand, working in a complimentary manner with one another.  Typically flower essences are taken as vibrational remedies to facilitate some kind of healing, and are generally administered in the same way.

In Flower Essences from the Witches’ Garden, Nicholas focuses specifically on the use of flower essences in magical practice.  He introduces us to those herbs that have an exceptionally magical reputation, and in some cases plants have even been feared for their potency.  Through the use of flower essences we can connect with plant spirits in new ways and interact with plants that we may otherwise avoid.  While the main focus of this book is on flower essences, Nicholas expertly covers a number of related topics and seamlessly fits them together.  This book bridges the gap between the use of flower essences in holistic therapy and their limitless magical potential.

The book begins with an explanation of what flower essences are, and instead of a nebulous-New Agey answer Pearson speaks in scientific terms explaining the crystalline structure of water, covalent bonds and holographic memory.  What sounds like an advanced alien technology, is really the ingenuity of the natural world.  Nicholas explains the magical ability of the “essence of life” to store information, and the uncanny connection between humans and plants.

Pearson provides the reader with a sound foundation, not only on the idea behind flower essences but also the complex topic of plant spirits.  He goes into detail explaining the spiritual cosmology of the plant world and its hierarchy.  This is important when it comes to working with plant spirit familiars, which the book also discusses.  Flower essences are the perfect tool for “plant spirit attunement,” or connecting with plant spirits on deeper levels, and this book provides multiple examples of how to forge this connection, including plant spirit journeying.

Meeting the Plant Spirit Community

Devas and plant spirits and similar concepts are found around the world.  The spirits animating trees, flowers and hedgerows are left offerings for both blessing and bane.  These spirits of place become of familiar allies because they are our closest neighbors.  Pearson explains the nuances between the myriad spirits inhabiting the green realm, and what they are able to share with us whether balm, bane or tree teacher.

Once Pearson has laid the groundwork and provided a number of methods to connect with these forces, he provides the reader with all of the tools and techniques necessary to create their own essences.  He even gives the reader options by describing a variety of techniques used to create flower essences.  He explains to the reader how, in the case of flower essences, dilution increases potency and introduces the idea of creating essences from other parts of the plant as well.  Pearson shares how essences can be made from certain crystals and even environmental essences, which contain the vibration of a specific place.

The rest of the book is filled with plant spirit alchemy and flower essence magic.  Pearson provides the reader with a veritable grimoire of flower essence rituals and spells.  He discusses the basics of plant energetics and compares flower essences to alchemical preparations, and how essences can be used in healing and spiritual practice.  He provides the reader with over 100 different flower essences, and helps organize all of this information by explaining the general effects of each plant family.  The practical portion of this section gives the reader instructions on dressing candles, and charging amulets with flower essences.  He also gives recipes for many different essences blends to create more specialized formulas, including a witchy version of Bach’s Rescue Remedy!

Pearson dives even deeper outlining 21 different rituals and techniques to help the reader attune with plant spirits and invoke their presence in a ritual setting.  He even discussed the concept of “flying essences,” or flower essences that facilitate soul flight and shamanic journeying.   There really isn’t an area related to flower essences that isn’t covered in this book, which comes in at around 500 pages!  This is truly a master work on flower essences, and it opens up a whole new realm of working with these amazing formulas.  Flower essences are used to help people with all sorts of mental, emotional and spiritual issues and are used frequently in alternative medicine.  Their magickal potential is evident, as presented so expertly by Nicholas Pearson!



Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Pearson


Nicholas Pearson is an award-winning author and Reiki teacher. He has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for nearly three decades. He began teaching crystal workshops in high school, later studying mineral science at Stetson University’s Gillespie Museum while pursuing a degree in music.

Nicholas began his Reiki journey in 2006 and has trained in traditional styles of Japanese Reiki, including Usui Reiki Ryoho, Jikiden Reiki, and Komyo ReikiDo, as well as traditional and non-traditional forms of Western Reiki, like Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. Nicholas strives to offer Reiki training, practice sessions, and other events that unite practitioners of all lineages by helping us understand how and where Reiki developed and where it can take us.

Nicholas is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master and an Animal Reiki practitioner, and serves on the Board of Directors of Shelter Animal Reiki Association. He formerly served as board member of the National Reiki in Healthcare Certification Initiative and is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Shibumi International Reiki Association, and Reiki Healing Association. His seminal Reiki book, Foundations of Reiki Ryoho: A Manual of Shoden and Okuden, is available in English and Italian.

Nicholas offers seminars on crystal healing, Reiki, and flower essence therapy online and around the world. He is the author of eight books, including Crystal Basics and Foundations of Reiki Ryoho, and lives in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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