3 Weak Arguments against Contemporary Worship Music

3 Weak Arguments against Contemporary Worship Music July 20, 2016

raised hands

The worst effect of the worship wars is that they made value-based conversations about worship taboo. They left us with a weird dynamic in which we tiptoe around too afraid to question the wisdom of the prevailing worship trends, lest anyone be offended. And they left us with the sense that we must affirm all styles, especially music, as valid and appropriate. It’s that uncomfortable, whispered, awkward egalitarian dynamic that pushed me to start writing about it and, hopefully, bring about some difficult, yet direly important conversations.

If we believe that how we worship matters, we must continually be in dialogue with each other about content. Often, though, these discussions become unhelpful because their arguments are weak. I want to bring up a few of these, and offer some similar alternatives, so that our conversations can rise above the worship wars and lead us into more productive conversations.

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