11 Hymns for a City Devastated by Water

11 Hymns for a City Devastated by Water August 30, 2017

houston flood

Dear friends, this has been a tough week to be from the Houston area. At my house, it rained over 40 inches in 4 days. Thankfully, my beautiful little family has stayed safe and dry, but so many others have not. We have family and friends who have escaped flooding homes. Others are facing weeks, perhaps longer, before they are even able to assess the damage. Lives have been lost, and the toll will likely not be known until the waters subside.

You might have seen the national news coverage. Though there has been some sensationalizing, the devastation has not been exaggerated. Major thoroughfares are now raging rivers. Peaceful creeks have overtaken entire neighborhoods. Elderly citizens have been lifted out of swampy homes by helicopter. Moms and dads have waded through snake-infested bayou waters to save their babies from the encroaching flood waters.

Flooding is a fact of life in Houston, but we’ve never seen anything like this. Those who gather in churches this Sunday will be in distress, for themselves, for their loved ones, and for their neighborhoods. Here are some hymns that can speak into their situation.

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