The Top 50 Christian Pop Culture Blogs

The Top 50 Christian Pop Culture Blogs February 27, 2018

If your blog is on this list, please consider using the animated gif  image located at the left or one of the gif images at the bottom of this post with a link back to our blog (The gif doesn’t animate on Patheos, but if you save it on your computer and upload it to your blog, it will). We would greatly appreciate it. Our list is solely based on Alexa’s 3 month global traffic rankings checked on February 26, 2018. Why only use Alexa? In blogdom, the only thing that matters concerning rankings is traffic. Traffic is currency in blogdom. Alexa is one of the best sources for estimating website traffic (depending on who you ask).

Alexa does not provide traffic rankings for subsites and subdomains. Thus, Patheos’, Christianity Today’s, The Gospel Coalition’s, Think Christian’s, and Reel Spirituality’s rankings are not going to be accurate since the Alexa number is based on the whole site’s traffic and not merely the pop culture sections.

We’re sure we have left out some blogs that should be on this list. We tried to only include blogs from evangelical Christians who are considered orthodox, and who interact with pop culture often. If you think we’ve left a blog out that should be listed or if you think we’ve included a blog that should not be listed, please either comment or email Jared Moore at

Here is our list of the top 50 Christian Pop Culture blogs:

Alexa Rank Name Site Address
1. 7310 Pop Culture Coram Deo
2. 10533 Desiring God
3. 16339 Christianity Today
4. 22367 The Gospel Coalition
5. 44012 Relevant Magazine
6. 59816 Tim Challies
7. 68589 First Things
8. 69742 Plugged In
9. 138439 Monergism
10. 285489 Think Christian
11. 337745 Core Christianity
12. 472263 Think Theology
13. 481339 Russell Moore
14. 489216 Douglas Wilson
15. 604211 Mere Orthodoxy
16. 624750 Christ and Pop Culture
17. 680204 John Frame & Vern Poythress
18. 709705 Issues Etc.
19. 825299 Larsen on Film
20. 943561 Reformation Theology
21. 1675478 Mike Leake
22. 1805962 Fathom Magazine
23. 1818573 Brian Godawa
24. 1998351 Brett McCracken
25. 2414809 Reel Spirituality
26. 2663367 Tony Reinke
27. 2802816 Film Fisher
28. 3016016 Reel World Theology
29. 3107322 Cinemagogue
30. 3710949 Hollywood Jesus
31. 3738610 Lore Haven
32. 4236733 Feelin Film
33. 4685488 Looking Closer
34. 4731792 Wade Bearden
35. 4905271 Andy Crouch
36. 5365223 Screen Fish
37. 6789458 Joel Mayward
38. 6859030 Andrew Walker
39. 7648155 Alissa Wilkinson
40. 8049726 Nancy Pearcey
41. 10487071 1 More Film Blog
42. 11008062 The Scifi Christian
43. 17613111 Christian Walk Alive
44. 17623221 N D Wilson
45. 19227623 Kaleoscope
46. N/A Ted Turnau
47. N/A Movie Byte
48. N/A Cornerstone
49. N/A Paul Asay
50. N/A Thomas Mckenzie
Honorable Mention
Alexa Rank Name Site Address
N/A Elijah Davidson
N/A Daniel Melvill Jones
N/A Kevin Mclenithan

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