SOLO: Spoiler Free Review

SOLO: Spoiler Free Review May 24, 2018

You voted and commented – and I listened!  Keep your eyes peeled on this space for my hot take on the latest Star Wars movie coming at you this weekend.

(With much thanks to friend and Deacon Steven Greydanus of Decent Films for getting me in to an early screening.  There are benefits to living in Manhattan.)

But until then, enjoy this SPOILER FREE post below, with answers to some of your burning questions:

Is it any good?

It’s fairly solid.  Not as good as Rogue One, in terms of the Star Wars stories” franchise, nowhere near prequel level egregiousness, fairly consistent tone, at least one great action sequence, and Lando is where it’s at.

How well does it fit in with the Star Wars universe?

This is where I had some problems.  There’s a lot of fan service, as you might imagine, but not all of it lands for me.  I did enjoy several of the in-jokes, but some of what they’re ret-conning throws off the importance of the original trilogy for me.  It may not bother you.  It bothered me.

Tell me more about Lando!

He’s amazing.  Donald Glover is amazing.  He’s better than Ewan MacGregor as young Obi-Wan amazing.  However, I’d also say that the movie doesn’t really start until Lando shows up, which is about a half hour in.  So do with that what you will.

Chewie, though.  They got Chewie right?

Friends.  Was there ever any doubt?  It’s divine.

They switched villain actors half-way through filming.  Does that make a difference?

Not really.  I’d be slightly more interested in Michael K. Williams’ take than I was in Paul Bettany (apparently they switched out actors after Williams couldn’t make the reshoots), but Bettany is always a solid performer.  And his weapons are pretty cool.

John Williams isn’t the composer.  Does that affect the movie?

Less than you would think.  Williams also gave over the reigns to the Harry Potter movies beginning with Goblet of Fire, and I found those subsequent soundtracks less invigorating than anything Williams could devise.  The subsequent composers also used Williams’ leitmotifs stingily throughout the film.

Not so Solo composer, John Powell, whose own original music is – sorry, but – generic.  But who wisely uses quite a number of Williams’ original themes prominently throughout the films.  So your heart will swell when the Falcon’s theme and Solo’s theme and the Imperial theme (and a special bonus theme that I won’t spoil) and other beloved leitmotifs are introduced.

Anything you were super angry at?

There is fridging.  So much fridging.  We will talk about this tomorrow.

Anything to keep an eye out for?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the droid L3-37 is my new favorite thing ever.  She may even match, or outshine, my love for K-2SO from Rogue One.  And the motion capture is something mind-blowing.

That’s it for me! Come back tomorrow for our fully spoiled review.  And ’til then, don’t get cocky.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

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