Still Not Commenting On The Snow

Still Not Commenting On The Snow April 19, 2018

Yeah, it is snowing. I’m not even kidding. But as I said yesterday, I don’t care, so I’m not going to mention it. Today let us turn our hearts and minds to some other subject. I know its hard to think of one, the piles of snow falling and sticking to the ground as they are, but we are going to try, and we are going to do it without using any shocking and inappropriate words. Not that I would even know what those kinds of words are.

Oh, thats weird, #thewarmestdayoftheyear is trending on twitter. Unironically. That’s because Europe is having some kind of a heatwave. Everyone over there is too hot, the sun is just too much. It’s possible I read all the tweets, all of them, about the European heatwave. It was either that or read articles about other things, and I don’t have the will for that kind of thing any more.

But seriously, I think I did used to write about other stuff. What was that stuff? What Was It? Someone help me. What are some of the things besides the weather? Anyone?

One thing I do a lot of mornings is turn on France 24 and let the news waft over me while I scroll through facebook. And by that I mean, cough, that I awake with a song on my lips and a prayer for the world in my heart and some bible verses memorizing themselves. Anyway, half the French News is about America, half is about Syria, and half is about Everything Else. I particularly like when they translate American Presidential tweets into French. It’s pretty fantastic.

I was kind of hoping that by just passively listening to the news in French it would recall to me all the stuff that once rattled around in there, that I might just begin speaking French as a matter of course, but so far its not working.

I like very much, though, noting what all the different news people are wearing. The average female newsreader/anchor is not, for example, dressed to the nines. A moderate amount of makeup and a rather ordinary looking outfit seem to be the normal way. One day there was a gorgeous female decked out in a brilliant red dress, blond hair perfectly arranged, but that was unusual. Most days it is quite modest. And reporters and experts on panels are all pretty ordinary looking.

The other nice thing is that there is no sitting around on low couches so that all the legs of all the female looking people are perfectly positioned that you have no where else to look. The news people basically sit behind desks, except for the movie reporting, which is a circle of people sitting in chairs, but the legs are not the main event even there. The camera mainly focuses on the face of the person talking. It’s almost shocking.

Anyway, I’m gonna go bang my head against a wall, and by that I mean, “start my homeschool day with my children.”

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