It’s Summer and So I’m Having a Bit More of a Break

It’s Summer and So I’m Having a Bit More of a Break July 25, 2022

Good Moaning, as they say. It is a rainy, gray day here in Bing–thank goodness. But even so, most unhappily we’re not going to be able to rejoice with a podcast, however much we wish we could. We have to rush around and start complicated preparations for Actual Ramen with all the stuff in it. My children are such jerks–they always pick celebratory food I’ve never tried to cook before. Raman, for me until this moment, is infallably accomplished by tearing open a packet and pouring out the boiling water. But no longer. Now its all about pork belly and stock and eggs (I think, I have to go back to my recipe). Why are you doing this, you ask. Because we have another birthday. The third child is turning 16 tomorrow (wide eye freaked out emoji) and I’m so old I need at least one extra day to prepare myself.

On which point, I’m also, tragically (for me if not for you) going to take another blogging break. The first and most primary reason for this is that I’m not going to be anywhere near the internet for a while, except occassionally where I might be able to connect somewhere with my phone so that I can keep instagramming our trip. The second reason is that I’m tired and I have thought work I’ve gotta do. I’ll be back in August sometime, which is not that far away if you glance sideways at your calendar. I’m not putting a time limit on this break. It’s going to be determined by how soon I get through the list of things taunting me. It’s not even that long of a list. It’s just stuff sitting there ruining my peace of mind. Don’t worry, I love blogging so much it won’t be that long. The podcast, I am imagaine, will be back before full scale blogging–I think. The fact is, Matt and I are both still very worn out, mentally and, well, even spitually. So, we’re going to do the proper thing and unplug for a bit.

In the meantime, here is the fantastic sermon from last week. And here is a super funny tweet:

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