Of Mice and Bees

Of Mice and Bees April 27, 2022

For some reason I can post pictures this morning. How exciting!

Well, I guess it is basically spring, even though I can’t plant any of my seedlings out because it’s going to get too cold tonight. But I did walk into my living room in the late evening, stupidly thinking I would join a cool zoom book group by sitting down in my comfy tiny chair. Instead of that, by the act of sitting down, totally without my trying, I disrupted an innocent bee trying to warm xerself (in my screaming I couldn’t determine, nor observe, the gender or sex of the bee) on the arm of my chair. The poor thing lept up and grabbed my pinky finger and embedded his or her stinger therein. After many exclamations of woe, two ibuprofen, an icepack, and a post on insta, I gave up on my life and retired to bed. I guess I should have applied baking soda and other soothing remedies. The worst of it all is that in the chaos, Matt killed the bee–the brute–saying it would die anyway, having stung me. I felt like that was the tale of an elderly female married person, but I didn’t have the wherewithal to look it up, not even on google.

There must be a metaphor for something in there somewhere–you can’t be safe no matter where you are, or, look out, there’s probably a bee in your chair. I’m not sure. The only thing I do know is that there is nothing warm and fuzzy and comfortable about nature and trying to have a garden.

Take the fact that there is, this very moment as I type this, a mouse running around the living room (the scene of last night’s bee) trying to evade our two large cats. So I have been informed by a basically reliable source. The two cats spent most of the night trying to get the mouse to come out of hiding, and so now it has. It is so very chilly, you see, and so all of nature has come inside to warm up. So you know what, I better run. Sorry! Have a better day than this mouse is about to! Maybe the cats are like Elon Musk and the mouse is like Twitter. Or maybe the Cats are Putin and the mouse is Ukraine. I don’t actually know. Bye!

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