Is It the End of Time?

Is It the End of Time? April 26, 2022

Where were you when Elon Musk bought Twitter? I was prodding four girls from the Shoe Carnival to DSW in what turned out to be a four-hour attempt to find shoes that they would both accept to wear and that would fit them. It turns out that if you like a particular pair of shoes, that’s too bad because it won’t come in your size. But, if you really don’t like it, there will be six or seven pairs available. But really, the main trouble is that I and two of my daughters have come up against Dumb Capitalism (I assume that’s who I should be complaining about) who I suspect is really Totalitarian Amazon. Back in the day, you used to be able to buy a size 5 woman’s shoe (not to assume gender) in person in a store. But no longer. Every store in this town begins with size six, while simultaneously cutting back the offering of children’s shoes to only be Crocs and ugly ugly ugly tennis shoes. This, I said aloud probably fifty times over the four hours, is why I don’t buy shoes anymore. Because when I get online to buy them, I inevitably choose wrongly–something minute is off. The shoe is too wide, or too narrow, or too scratchy, or the precious wretched child just won’t wear it, and then I have to send it back and try again. But then there was that report, or rumor, that when you send something back to Amazon, it doesn’t go anywhere so that someone else can have it, but is junked in a warehouse somewhere. I don’t know if that’s true but I read it online so it must be.

So anyway, we did do a podcast yesterday. It was even longer than usual. But we couldn’t put it up in a timely way, and then I never got to my computer again on account of, well, who knows what, partly the shoes. Here it is. And here is the statement we talk about. And here are the other links I had found: I love this. This is cool. This is ridiculous.

But really, the thing I love best is this tweet that I saw just now:

Seriously, IS THIS WHY I CAN’T FIND SHOES? Is it because men are coming along and pushing the shoe size Overton window into a realm that excludes me, an actual woman? Also, if an in-person-and-not-online man ever came to me to “teach” me “more about feminity” out of his pretense to be a woman…I don’t know what I would do. I guess, being an actual woman, I would probably nod and smile with wide wide eyes and then go home and recount the moment to all my friends and family with much hilarity, and then write about it on my blog.

Oh my gosh, I have to go do laundry and clean my house now. Is that the kind of “feminity” this guy is talking about? What I love about everything is how the very fun Christians on the very very far right who are always telling women about what they should wear–and how much of it–are now in some strange communion with the men on the not-far-enough-left who think they can be women and still tell women what to do. Who do I blame? Elon Musk? The Zuck? Amazon? WHO IS TO BLAME?

Ok, I really am going to do my laundry. Have a nice day, or not, I don’t want to assume your emotional state.

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