3 Things on Thursday

3 Things on Thursday April 25, 2019

The First Thing
I love the pictures in this piece, short as it is. The one of Kim Jong Un and Putin on the escalator is priceless. Also, how the mouth hangs slightly open at all times. Also the fear at the back of the eyes. Also the terrible haircut. Meanwhile, Putin looks like a sane grownup. Never thought I would say that, please don’t accuse me of colluding with Russia.

One thing I do love about politics right now is the sort of caricature good looks of all our world leaders. The best, of course, is Mr. Trump meeting with the afore mentioned totalitarian dictator (no, not that one, the other one). The hair, the smiles, the whiff of apocalypse. Someone should write it up into a funny novel.

The Second Thing
Am cautiously delighted about this—a malaria vaccine is being used for the first time on children in Malawi with plans to use it in Ghana and Kenya right away. It has to be given four times, not just once, and it looks like it won’t eradicate the disease, but hopefully significantly reduce it.

The Third Thing
I found something on twitter called A Circle of Self-Care. It had stuff like Coffee, Reading a Good Book, Sleeping, Eating Right or Well or whatever, and Mindful Breathing Yoga. I’m not good at drawing, but I decided to do my own Circle O Reality. Here it is:

The Go To Church Quadrant is the self-care portion. There you an dump in things like Praying at Least Once A Week For Heaven’s Sake, and Talking To Other Human Beings So You Don’t Collapse Into An Isolated Bubble and Die, and Fling Yourself On The Mercy Of Jesus. The Go To Work Quadrant is the rest of your sane life where you actually go to work, but also keep up with every single tiny speck of everything at home, like car insurance and remembering to go to the dentist. The Sleep one is only if you ever can go to sleep. And the Freak Out portion I feel is obvious. It’s a weighty balance to sling shot you into church. You’re welcome.

I’m gonna go eat an Easter bun, ‘healthy eating’ forsooth!

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