Well, This Is Fun

Well, This Is Fun March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

I have three kids down with very suspicious symptoms and, after a short chat with the doctor on the phone, we are all under “at least” a fourteen-day quarantine. I have actually been up for a couple of hours, but haven’t really had time to sit here and think straight. So far I’ve been emailing teachers asking for extensions for assignments that my children were working on at the very moment they began to be feverish. And I’ve done piles and piles and piles of laundry. And I’ve cleaned the kitchen like seven hundred times. At 9 pm last night I took a hot bath and fell into bed and by a mercy of God, everyone slept and so did I. Except for a horrible nightmare in which I went to church on Sunday and the building was packed, and I kept going around and giving people hugs and explaining that I shouldn’t be there. It was one of those horrible slow-motion dreams–like the recurring one where I’m running away endlessly from a terrorist while holding a baby (me not the terrorist). Woke up in a cold sweat and looked at twitter to calm myself down.

So anyway, I really need to go do some more laundry and pass out more drinks. But here is this morning’s Bible Study. You can hear me in the background, though you can’t see me, because that would be scary. If you feel like praying, you could pray for wisdom for my parents who are in Mali and trying to discern whether they should stay there or go somewhere else, and if somewhere else, Where?

And I also will pray, because, though it doesn’t feel very effective, it is a lot more sensible than freaking out.

[If the actual video doesn’t show up, here is the link.]

Posted by Matt Kennedy on Tuesday, March 17, 2020


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