How and Why to Get Rid of Your Pride for Pride Month Podcast and Links

How and Why to Get Rid of Your Pride for Pride Month Podcast and Links June 7, 2021

It is a very hot–very hot–day here in the Northeast, and I, who generally love this sort of thing, am considering where I might go to escape from it. Too bad I have a lot of work and can’t go move into the freezer section of some already very cold cold place. To cope, we’ve done a shortish podcast about why you should get rid of your pride for pride month, how to try, and why shame and humility are not the same thing. I hope it makes your Monday bearable, or something.

Let’s see, I do have some links, though not as many as I’d hoped.

This is wonderful and stressful.

This is also stressful, but fascinating if you’re interested in boats and the Suez Canal.

I’m pretty sure I need to make time to watch this.

This is great–my favorite apologist met up with my favorite YouTuber.

This is important.

This was long and stressful.

I’m in the middle of this and am enjoying it very much.

I made a version of this yesterday and it turned out pretty well.

This is cool.

And here is a helpful class and a brilliant sermon.

And now I must go and try to cool off somehow. Have a nice day!

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