What We Can Teach Teens from Last Night’s Debate

What We Can Teach Teens from Last Night’s Debate September 27, 2016

unknownHeather Haginduff is the Associate Minister for Youth and Families at Trinity United Church of Christ in Canton, OH.

  1. When you make a mistake, admit it. Humility is brave. And kinda sexy.
  2. There are some people who prepare for an assignment and others who don’t. Always show your work.
  3. Don’t let people bully you. You deserve respect. So when you stand up for yourself and your values, don’t get ugly or defensive or rigid. When they go low, you go high.
  4. Tell the truth. Don’t just make stuff up to make yourself look better. And when you don’t know something, do your research and cross reference your resources. 
  5. Science is a thing. But you guys already know that. 
  6. When someone says “believe me” over and over again, they are over compensating for something. So DON’T.
  7. Racism and sexism are alive and well in America and we are all given an opportunity to change our hearts and minds through a conscious choice. But this kind of choice is hard work. We can never choose love through tactics of fear. It’s impossible. When someone sees all Mexicans as being violent or when a man questions a woman’s stamina, we need to SHUT IT DOWN! That kind of fear will keep you from love. Love and Fear have never been good roommates. They cannot coexist in the heart of one person. Love casts out fear. Every. Single. Time. So always choose love!
  8. Money does not bring more joy in your life. The wealthiest people in the world are often unhappy and isolated. But those who are generous with their lives, no matter how much money they have, are filled with joy. Because they are in mutual relationship with others. 
  9. None of us is the center of the universe. Not a single one. We exist in harmony with others. So cooperation and collaboration is key to a more perfect union. We are stronger together. 
  10. If you are ever doing something that is hard, don’t numb yourself. Stay awake and learn from the hard thing and keep breathing deeply. 90 minutes will pass. 90 minutes will become “so yesterday” very soon.

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