Why I Won’t Be Observing Lent

Why I Won’t Be Observing Lent February 11, 2016

Peter Leithart proposes reasons for Protestants to observe Lent. I’m still not buying.

PL: Lent didn’t keep Christians from converting Europe, forming Christendom, building cathedrals, celebrating carnivale.

But inquisitions and the Crusades happened when Europeans avoided Lent, or did Christendom, cathedrals, and carnivale break a few eggs?

PL: Lent is training in the fundamental Christian discipline of waiting.

I thought Advent taught us how to wait. So many parts of the church calendar, so little understanding.

PL: Lent is preparation for martyrdom. Nothing is more politically potent than a martyr.

I thought Christendom came when an emperor converted and the number of Christians in the empire increased four-fold.

PL: Lent is boot camp for spiritual warriors.

What about — remember this golden oldie? — Rick Warren’s 40 days of a Purpose Driven Life (which has the advantage of being followed at a time that does not conflict with March Madness?

Plus I will be visiting Philadelphia in a few weeks and it is not a place for those in pursuit of virtue.


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