I Guess I Can Get My Rosary Out of the Trash

I Guess I Can Get My Rosary Out of the Trash September 25, 2012

I guess I can get my Rosary out of the trash and pull my statue of Our Lady down off the closet  shelf. 

It turns out that Jesus didn’t have a wife, after all. In fact, the “great find” which was supposed to “prove” that He had a wife isn’t a for-real artifact from the fourth century at all.

It was a year or two ago that somebody put a “special” on television revealing the location of Jesus’ grave. Not, mind you, the grave from which He rose from the dead, but the more ordinary kind of grave where when they put you there, you stay.

Then there are the annual was-Judas-a-misunderstood-revolutionary-who-was-just-trying-to-test-Jesus Easter specials. Let’s not forget the so-called historical Jesus Christmas shows which “prove” basically that Jesus never existed. We’ve got the Moses never lived Passover pageants and the Apostles hid Jesus’ body and then lied all the way to their own martyrdom Lenten fare.

I won’t even go into the was-Jesus’-real-father-a-Roman-soldier-on-leave extravaganzas that can pop up anytime of the year. Those are just too cute to talk about.

Every one of these goofball “scholarly” presentations has something in common with all the others: Each of them is conjecture presented as fact. Add to that their obvious agenda and I come to a question of my own:

Why in the name of ponzi schemes and intellectual shell games does anyone with half a brain pay attention to this tripe?

What would it matter if the piece of manuscript on which Jesus was supposed to have talked about his wife hadn’t been a fraud? Even the person who put it forward said that it was written four hundred years after the Resurrection. That’s the equivalent of me writing something about King James I on a piece of paper and then some idiot in the year 2800 coming across it and telling everyone that what I had written “proved” that say, King James I was ten feet tall and rode a unicorn to church.

If they believed that, they’d be stupid. The same way that people who get all excited about these supposed “proofs” concerning Christ the Lord are stupid.

We can’t stop people from making fools of themselves with this stuff. Their naked agenda to shake people’s faith appears to be irresistibly compelling to them. They just keep pumping it out, one shot across the bow of faith after another, and every time they do it, some silly sap somewhere takes them seriously.

But as for me, I think the next time this happens, I’m just going to switch the channel. That’s a lot easier than fishing my Rosary out of the trash and pulling my statue of Our Lady down off the closet shelf every few weeks.

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