What Does the Trump Memo Really Prove?

What Does the Trump Memo Really Prove? February 2, 2018

Photo Source: White House web site file photo.

The White House has ordered the release of a memo which, according to news reports, President Trump feels will derail the on-going investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

I’ve read the memo, which came to us via the Trump bot Congressman, Representative Nunez. It basically says that the man who compiled the so-called “Trump dossier” which contained salacious sexual stories about Donald Trump and his predilection for perverse sexual acts, was compiled at the behest of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, something that has been public knowledge for quite a while now.

The memo also says — I think this must be why President Trump wanted it released — that the man who compiled the dossier was “desperate” that then candidate Trump not win the upcoming election.

The man was not an FBI agent. He is a former FBI “source” who was terminated from being a source for making an unauthorized disclosure of his position as a source.

I am guessing that the purpose of releasing this memo is to imply that the entire investigation into whether or not the President of the United States colluded with a foreign power in order to subvert the American electoral process is in fact politically motivated. I don’t think the memo shows that. In fact, I’m wondering why President Trump would think that it does.

His standing as a compulsive liar, misogynist and serial sexual predator is already firmly established by his own words and actions, as well as the testimony of many women who were his victims. Disgusting and morally bankrupt as he and his personal sexual behavior may be, being disgusting and morally bankrupt is not grounds for impeachment.

One FBI source compiled a “dossier” which concerned the possibility that the Russian government had proof of our president’s personal sexual perversions, and that the Russians might be using that proof to “blackmail” him. The fact that the man who compiled this dossier was “desperate” to see candidate Trump lose the election does not even address the evidence concerning candidate Trump’s collusion with the Russians in their efforts to subvert the American election.

In truth, it is not necessary to prove that the Russians have the President of the United States on tape, engaging in perverse sexual acts, to show motive for collusion. The motive is winning the election.

Assuming that the statements in the memo are true, they do not prove that the serious question of whether or not the President colluded with a foreign power should not be investigated. It would be easy to assume — and assumptions are what the release of this memo, which is itself a political action, is counting on — that the man in question, was so upset by the Russian interference and what he believed was the treasonous collusion of a candidate for the office of President of the United States with a foreign power that this made him “desperate” to see the traitor lose the election. It would have that effect on anyone who loves this country.

On the other hand, the man in question might just hate billionaires.

Or, he might be a rabid Democrat.

Or, the claim that he was “desperate” to see candidate Trump lose the election is a fiction made up by the memo’s author.

Whatever the truth of that, it does not matter. It is not pertinent to the question of whether or not candidate Trump committed treason to win the election.

Two things seem rather obvious. One, the Russians did interfere in our election, and (two) President Trump was the beneficiary of their interference.

This memo, without a lot of other information, doesn’t really show anything useful about whether or not President Trump cooperated or colluded with the Russians in their actions. It also does not address the incredibly unpatriotic lack of response on the part of elected officials to deal with what happened and work to keep it from happening again.

So far, the response from those in power has been a set piece of corruption in action. Their efforts have been focused on holding onto power, not protecting the United States of America and its citizens from what amounts to a foreign invasion and an undeclared act of war against our sovereignty as a nation.

What the release of this memo really proves is that they are scared of where the investigation is going and are trying to start a back fire to stop it. The repeated personal attacks on the Special Counsel and former head of the FBI — both of whom are Republicans — are attempts at deflection. They also seem to imply fear and desperation.

Did President Trump in fact collude with the Russians? I will leave that to the special counsel and the investigation.

What I will say is that if he did, he should go to prison for the rest of his life, and those who colluded with him should go there, too.

My main concern right now is the total lack of effort or interest on the part of those who are charged with doing so in making our electoral process safe and hack proof. The simplest and most obvious way to do this is to take it off line and go back to paper ballots.

We ran a fine democracy for two hundred years without computer ballots. We can do it again.

I am appalled by the total lack of patriotism, both on the part of those we have put in office, and on the part of those who blindly follow and defend President Trump without regard to facts or reality. This is our country we are throwing away.

If you want to read the memo, go here.

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44 responses to “What Does the Trump Memo Really Prove?”

  1. Well said, Rebecca!!! Trump and crew are running scared—this is another attempt to deflect from what is happening with the investigation. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Shouldn’t you at least mention the FISA application process, and the information included and omitted on the applications? That seems to be an important element which you ignore.

    And what do paper ballots have to do with alleged Russian tampering in the election?

  3. The reason I mentioned paper ballots is because I read that they had — in addition to the other things they did — either attempted or succeeded, I’m not sure which — to hack state election boards prior to the 2016 election. It’s a small step from there to changing votes and vote tallies. Paper ballots would make that a lot more difficult.

  4. Is there any evidence the Russians tampered with voting machines though? And that Trump was somehow involved with this tampering?

    Also, the FISA warrants issue seems to have escaped your analysis of the memo.

  5. I don’t know because such evidence would be, at this point, sealed. That they tried — and this is well reported — means that they certainly may have succeeded in doing so, and, given the nature of computer hacking, will succeed at it in the future if we don’t defend ourselves.

    As to whether or not or to what degree President Trump colluded with the Russians in their interference in the 2016 election, that is under investigation. It is a non sequitur so far as the responsibility of those in power in this country to defend America from future attacks of this nature. Their inaction is dereliction of duty.

    As for the FISA warrants, the investigation is on-going and should be conducted. In fact, I think it is vital that it be conducted. How this memo impacts the warrants themselves is impossible to determine, considering that it doesn’t stand very well alone. We have no idea how much of it is true, or what other pertinent information is out there. For all we know, other documents would totally eviscerate the memo as it is being presented. Without a lot more information, it’s largely just talk-talk.

    However, the key thing to me is that we really need to stop focusing on politics and deal with what is a clear threat to the survival of our democracy. We need as a nation to get to the bottom of this. I have no respect for people who do not care enough about this country to support doing that. I can’t imagine what’s wrong with them.

  6. The FISA warrants were a key component of the memo. Regardless of whether or not the claims are true, you completely neglected this aspect and chose to characterize it merely as an operative unhappy about the prospects of a Trump presidency. You also neglected to mention the fact that the operative was on the payroll of Trump’s political opposition during an election, and that the material collected in the service of his opposition was used by the FBI to apply for the FISA warrants.

    You should have mentioned these very key aspects of the memo, but chose not to.

    In my opinion you also left it to readers to draw a completely unfounded connection between Trump’s campaign and electronic voter fraud carried out by Russians, though perhaps you were simply being unintentionally vague on this subject.

  7. By casting doubt on the legal process by which the initial FISA warrant was obtained, and by making it seem as if the whole investigation is tainted by politics, Trump stirs up his base and he creates a reason for firing DAG Rod Rosenstein. Though I doubt it will work, his lawyers may also attempt to use the memo to argue that the evidence against Trump is tainted (Google “fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine”) and must be thrown out no matter how guilty he is. Trump and his team might be running scared, but then again, maybe not. Maybe Trump and his team think that they can bluff their way out of this by making the process by which the evidence was obtained look irrevocably flawed.

    I do thoroughly despise the politicization of the FBI in all this. I’m sure we have some flawed agents, but I really believe that the majority of the bureau is composed of decent people trying to do the most honorable job they can in serving their country and the cause of justice.

  8. Your hatred for President Trump has blinded you from seeing the most important implication. The whole justification for the Trump investigation was based on the opposition research coming from The Hilary campaign. The judge would never have authorized the spying without it. The whole thing was rigged. How would you like to go under a wire tap based on one of your opponents political “research”?

  9. I did say that the dossier was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. As to the FISA question, I think that is the sort of thing that will be pertinent if and when the results of the wiretaps are used in a criminal trial. It would form the basis of a good attempt to ban their use as evidence. However, it does not address the question of whether or not the president of the United States colluded with a foreign power in an attempt to interfere with our electoral process.

    The memo does not address in any detail whether or not the dossier’s claims were accurate, although it does say that it was only “minimally corroborated.” What parts of it were corroborated? The memo does say that the dossier’s author was desperate to see candidate Trump lose the election. He may very well have been “desperate” because he felt that the dossier was, in fact, accurate in its claims.

    It’s a humongous jump to leap from this memo to the idea that it somehow or other clears President Trump of colluding with the Russians. It does not.

    As for whether or not the President Trump colluded with the Russians, that is a live question that remains to be answered. I did not intend to be vague about that at all. I think it’s a possibility that he did, and a lot of other people, including many in the Justice Department, think so too. It is clear that a number of people in the Trump campaign conducted meetings with Russian officials and operatives, and that this was for the purpose of obtaining information about Secretary Clinton.

    My question for you is do you even care about the security of this country? Is it alright with you that a hostile foreign power interfered with our election? Do you think it’s fine that the President of the United States may have colluded with them?

  10. I’m not going to argue with you Manny because you’re Manny. Maybe someone else will take it up.

  11. Patriotism requires having something to be patriotic about. With the removal of the right to life in 1973 from our nation’s laws, I see nothing left to support in a country where pennies mean more than people. Donald Trump is the president that Democrats deserve for abandoning life.

    As for this investigation, after three years it has turned up no hard evidence, only rumors spread by political opponents. The closest thing the Russians actually did to “hacking the election” was to make up a bunch of fake news, buy advertising time on facebook, and sell the opposite news to the FBI and the DNC, to cause chaos. And you fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. This whole investigation is exactly what the Rusdians wanted to happen.

  12. The only teal evidence of vote tampering after a year of investigation, was the Russians planting fake news on facebook. Including the fake news that they had hacked into local precincts. You fell for the fake news.

  13. Just a brief comment: The White House didn’t ORDER the release of the memo. The Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee decided to release it. The White House had to approve it, by ‘declassifying’ its contents. Once that was done, it was sent back to the committee, which took the action to release it.
    Did the White House want it released? Of course. Did it order its release? No.

  14. Theodore, with respect, I disagree with you about the “right to life” being the start of the decline of our nation’s laws. That has nothing to do with the current situation, regarding a man pretending to be a leader, blatantly disregarding everything our country has stood for and should continue to stand for. He has brought shame to the office he unfortunately holds, has caused the world to disrespect us as a nation and seems to think he can control this country. The GOP has done nothing to rein him in—-most seem to be blindly following him—to what, I don’t know. Trump, or DT as I call him (and I can’t call him president) is an insecure man child playing the role of leader—to this county’s detriment. I am not a member of any party.

  15. I have a family member in the FBI. He is a good young man (under 40) and I can’t imagine what this whole thing does to the moral of that organization. He is a West Point grad, 2 tours in Iraq and chose to be an agent after he was discharged. He wants nothing more than to protect this country. I like your last paragraph and agree with you.

  16. The lack of respect for human life, makes this country disrespectable. Without that respect, patriotism is garbage.

    Donald Trump is a direct result of the genocide of the unwanted. YES, he has brought shame to that office, as has every President since Nixon. YES, it is shameful that he’s president.

    If abortion had stayed illegal, Hillary Clinton would have been elected in a landslide. The ONLY thing that sunk her was her stubborn clinging to the genocide of the unborn.

    If you don’t like Donald Trump, I hope you have visited the HR office at your work so that you have reduced your deductions claimed on your W-4 before his tax cut hits.

  17. Looks like the dossier. Pay a man who hates Donald Trump enough to compile a dossier, and all you’ll get is fake news fed to him by the Russians. Which then stupid Democrats use to start a politically motivated FBI investigation that wastes a lot of time and taxpayer resources.

    I find it interesting that liberals are so stupid as to fall for such an obvious fake, but hey, that’s what liberals do in politics these days. Reject reality in favor of “experts” who keep bilking them for money in the form of “grants” to discover “conclusions” that fit the narrative, right? Such fake science is behind everything from birth control pills to no-fault divorce, so it’s not surprising this would happen as well; it has become expected behavior from people who want to win at all costs.

    Here’s the danger point. Every time we get an unconstitutional expansion of Presidential power for the last 60 years, the other side of the political aisle will not only use it, but abuse it in new and exciting ways. Yes, the current crop of bad actors in the FBI will be fired over this. But they’ll be replaced with similar sycophants, who in two year’s time will be paying Russian social media hackers to create a “dossier” on all the Democratic Candidates so that Donald Trump can use the FBI to wiretap them. And since the precedent is already in the FISA court, it will go through. And then we’ll have another investigation into fake charges of collusion with Russia all over again.

    And if the rumors of politically motivated murder from the Obama and Clinton Administrations are true, I have no doubt that Donald Trump will engage in that as well, just as if the rumors of Donald Trump being a fascist are true then that FEMA “agricultural quarantine station” built by Bush 43 in the Arizona desert, the one with the large showers and single bed cells, might yet get used.

    Because once we no longer have the right to life, one we no longer have a rigid adherence to Truth, there is no reason left to trust anybody.

  18. I’m retired so no HR office. Hillary didn’t lose the EC (she did win the popular vote) because of her feelings about abortion. If that was true, she wouldn’t have won the popular vote. Making abortion illegal doesn’t stop it. I’ve lived long enough to see both legal and illegal. I honestly do not see the connection between that and today’s political climate. It is obvious I don’t like DT. In all my voting years, I have not always liked the person elected, but could deal with it. This occupant of the oval office, however, I can’t deal with. To put it nicely, instead of some words I won’t use here, I’ll just say DT is-“not a nice man” in anyway, shape or form”. He is only out for himself, not this country or anything else, just himself.

  19. The writer: “The fact that the man who compiled this dossier was ‘desperate’ to see candidate Trump lose the election does not even address the evidence concerning candidate Trump’s collusion with the Russians in their efforts to subvert the American election.”

    And that evidence would be what? If you’re going to refer to it, Ms. Hamilton, please offer at least one little piece of it.

    The problem for your whole thesis here is glaring. As most Americans now clearly recognize, it’s been well over a year since the Russiagate claims were originally minted, and they still have . . . nothing.

    One may point out that Trump’s personal behavior or speech leaves plenty to be desired, but that doesn’t at all mean that he or his team colluded with Russia to subvert an election. In short, Ms. Hamilton, that you clearly hate Trump doesn’t by itself prove collusion ever occurred. Such hatred can’t demonstrate that Russiagate is anything other than a conspiracy hatched by top Dems to explain away Hillary’s loss and undermine support for the newly elected administration. The memo itself shows some of this conspiracy in action. And since you don’t offer any evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia to counter it, that means the conspiracy, sorry to say, is on you.

  20. Manny, all you have to do is watch daily what Trump does to have a true dislike (or hatred) for him. He is a very spoiled man child, who changes his mind minute by minute, depending on who he might be talking to or watching his TV shows. The sad thing, IMO, is he displayed his true self as a candidate, but the EC still voted him in. The popular vote didn’t. He has never gotten over that. 🙂 He is totally incompetent and really should be removed from office. Personally I think he is guilty of a lot of things and I hope the investigation proves that.

  21. The president declassified the memo so that Congressman Nunez could release it. I believe this was pre-arranged and agreed upon. One thing that I keep reading is that Congressman Nunez also wrote the memo, that it is not an internal FBI document at all, but a summary of some sort the Congressman put together for his committee. I find that incredible, considering the way its being dealt with by the White House and Congressman Nunez. I know President Trump is a liar and that the Trump bot press appears to be willing to support anything on his behalf … but still. Sheesh. I haven’t mentioned this, simply because of what it says about Congressman Nunez and that fact that what I’ve read always mentions it as an aside. I’ll look into this more next week. But If it’s true, then the memo is not worth anything.

  22. It’s interesting that, if the Hillary Clinton campaign really paid for this “dossier”, they never used it during the campaign. In fact it was originated by Republicans doing oppo research during the primaries. It never got publicized until well after the election.

  23. But the claim was that releasing the memo would pose a risk to national security. It seems strange that the FBI would claim this if the memo were simply a fabrication, or something cooked up by the Congressman.

  24. Yes the investigation into Russian collusion is ongoing, but in the OP you wrote about paper ballots. I am not aware of any claim that Trump was in any way involved in tampering with voting machines, so why bring that up when talking about Trump/Russian interference?

    And I do care about the security of this country. The only Russian involvement I’ve seen proven to be true is their buying adds or posting fake news on various social media outlets. Which is bad, of course, but doesn’t really amount to subverting American democracy. I’m 100% sure US intelligence agencies do the same in foreign countries. Its just how the game is played.

    On a side note, the Clinton campaign has been shown to have “colluded” with a foreign party to obtain dirt on her own political opponent, in the form of the dossier, which was used by the FBI to justify surveillance of a presidential campaign. I find that far more troubling than Russian fake news articles.

  25. The only place she won the popular vote was the Republic of California, where the genocide is a way of life. You can’t convince me the genocide is right merely be saying it would happen anyway, and you can’t convince me that DT will make the genocide illegal because it’s the only way he got elected to begin with.

    If the Democrats would just give up on the genocide, the Republicans would not have a chance. But they won’t, because pro-choice people are genocidal maniacs who refuse to share with the nest generation or with their poorer neighbors inland. They prefer luxury to caring about people, and that’s why they’re for killing so many.

  26. If it interferes with an on-going investigation into possible treason by the President of the Untied States, it would certainly be a question of national security.

  27. I brought that up because it is something our national leaders need to address in order to provide for the security of this country, and they are not doing that. They are just chasing their own tails, trying to protect their respective power bases.

    Now, do you have anything to offer in the way of discussion, or are you just going to keep haranguing me because I wrote a post in a manner other than what you would have written if it had been yours to author?

    I accidentally answered this twice. For reasons of its own, discus told me I hadn’t answered it the first time.

  28. I’m going to allow this as a teaching point.

    There’s a plethora of evidence. Not, the proverbial smoking gun, but what is called the “preponderance of the evidence” is piling up. If I feel like it, I’ll write a post enumerating some of it. However, such a post will not be persuasive to Trump bots who claim — notice I said claim, not believe — that they think and believe anything that is necessary to maintain their self-imposed fictions about our president. They are also prone to constant attack of anyone who dares to voice ideas that differ from their own self-imposed exile from reality. There’s little point in talking to people who would shout from the mountaintops that the sun comes up in the West and the moon is made of green cheese, if that’s what it takes to support their hero.

    Now, to the teaching point: The next time you try to write a comment that just harangues me or anyone else, it will be deleted. You are free to state your opinions and ideas on the issues, nobody is required to agree with me about anything on this blog. But I’m past tolerating personal jibes and nastiness; so much so that I don’t think I’m going to bother to explain it again.

    Be nice, or be gone.

    Your choice.

  29. FWIW, I didn’t say that President Trump tampered with voting machines. I said that the Russians tried to hack several state election boards, and that I don’t know whether or to what extent they succeeded and that the leaders of this country need to take steps to make sure that our democracy is safe from such tampering in the future. One thing that would make the voting process itself safe from hacking is to take it off the grid, ie, paper ballots.

    You segued into President Trump, all on your own, probably because you fear that someone is going to pop up and say that the election was not legitimate. My personal opinion is that President Trump is the duly elected President of the United States whether the election results were tampered with or not. At this point, whether or not the Russians managed to change votes in certain states does not affect the fact that the election has been certified and he is in office. He is the president. But going forward, we need to make sure the election tampering doesn’t happen in the future.

    Also, if they tried to get into the state election boards, — and it appears they did — then whether or not they succeeded, it is just about certain that they will succeed in the future unless we take steps to stop them.

    I honestly don’t know if you find it reprehensible to take steps to stop them, or if you’re just so on fire to protect President Trump that you don’t care about anything else, or if you just flat out didn’t understand what I wrote.

    As for Secretary Clinton, that truly is a red herring so far as this conversation is concerned. I’m not defending her, I am saying that whatever she did or didn’t do, it does not justify the behavior of anyone else.

  30. If it interferes with an on-going investigation into possible treason by the President of the Untied States, it would certainly be a question of national security.

  31. Funny how everything you say turns out to be the fault of legal and safe abortions and birth control and no fault divorces? I’m done for now. We’re getting no where. For the last time, this country isn’t in the condition it is due to any of that.

  32. Thin, real thin.

    Especially considering the memo outlines how the investigation itself is founded on surveillance Intel permitted only on account of a sketch dossier collected by a political opponent.

    I know national security can pretty much justify anything these days, but this?

  33. “I honestly don’t know if you find it reprehensible to take steps to stop them, or if you’re just so on fire to protect President Trump that you don’t care about anything else, or if you just flat out didn’t understand what I wrote.”

    I understand what you wrote. My guess is you just threw in supposed voter machine tampering because it was something you heard about. In context, it seems (to me) like you were connecting this with Trump’s alleged collusion. In any event the machine tampering is irrelevant to the memo, the dossier, and what I can only guess to be the main point of your article.

  34. I want to apologize for getting so snippy with you. I have a pretty short fuse lately.

    Let’s just say that you don’t grok the post and let it go at that.

  35. Actually, no one knows what lead to the the warrant, save for 3 members of the House Intel committee who had access to it. And that includes Nunes who admitted on Fox News that he never read the 40-page FISA application! And no one means Trump, his lawyers, his staff and everyone else, so the memo is nothing more than innuendo by Nunes and Trump.

  36. Trey Gowdy, an experienced prosecutor, reviewed three FISA warrant affidavit, along with two investigators. Apparently, Adam Shiff reviewed it as well.

  37. No, the Pubs terminated FusionGPS when trump got the nomination. The Clinton campaign commissioned and paid for the dossier.

  38. Late to the party, but a couple of points. Mueller is not referenced in the Republican memo. The Dem memo will be out in a couple of days and in curious if Mueller makes an appearance there. In an case, at this point tube Mueller investigation is not threatened.

    My real concern is that we have a secret court (FISC) and a secret police (FBI). These, not Russia, are real threats to America.