Republicans Once Stood With the FBI Against the Russians

Republicans Once Stood With the FBI Against the Russians July 13, 2018

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23 responses to “Republicans Once Stood With the FBI Against the Russians”

  1. Things certainly have changed, huh? Watched part of the GOP questioning of the FBI agent yesterday. Horrible. And now there are 12 more Russian indictments, and at the moment there are those speculating whether DT will still meet with Putin—given the newest Mueller move. This should be interesting. DT has continued to ruin our relationships with Germany and the UK….attempting to tell Theresa May how to run her country and spouting off at breakfast at the German leader, telling her Germany is a puppet of Russia. Germany’s leader grew up in East Berlin—how did that make her feel? DT and his stupid comments—–we are a laughing stock in the world.

  2. Funny how popular Reagan is now. I became interested in politics in 1981 because I was shocked to discover that we had elected a racist, sexist, warmongering celebrity wannabe who would plunge us into a new economic dark age unless he nuked the world first. That’s why we loved Soviet Leader Gorbachev when he came on the scene. He was so much more awesome than Reagan, or so everyone said back in the day. Except the GOP maybe. And possibly the FBI? Now it looks like Reagan was quite the guy. Maybe even better than Russia’s leader.

  3. That’s rather simplistic Rebecca, don’t you think? The problem is that there are a number of things intermixed. Yes, there is the Russian attempt to influence the election. But there is also corruption at the FBI to bring down a presidential candidate. There is the Hilary email and classified mess for which she should have been indicted and wasn’t. Are you saying there’s no corruption at the FBI? The FBI can just let one presidential candidate off the hook while trying to entrap the opponent? Are you saying the FBI has free range to fix elections?

  4. Back in the day I called myself a Regan Republican. Since then I came to see things a lot differently, especially since joining the Church and learning about Catholic social Justice. Having said that I would still prefer Regan to Trump any day of the week. I also suspect that todays GOP would call him a RINO and try to cripple anything he tried to do.

  5. Manny, America was attacked. The Republicans have done NOTHING to deal with it, thus leaving us open to the Russians repeating and doing worse in the upcoming elections. Not only that, but they attack anyone who does try to do something about it. If the Democrats did something like this, I would be going right at them, not trying to explain it away. I’m an American. Not a Democrat American. I am an American.

  6. i’m not arguing that we shouldn’t retaliate. Of course we should. But your suggestion that the Republicans are siding with the Russians requires a little more fleshing out. They’re questions during the hearings toward the FBI were dealing with a complexity of issues. At least that’s how I understand it, but I’m not an expert on this.

  7. Neither am I. This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen large numbers of American elected officials side with a hostile foreign power against America when we’re under attack. I think it’s the first time it’s ever happened. So far as I’m concerned, a pox on all their houses.

  8. Manny, DT sold us out today—standing beside his buddy Putin. There is too much proof that the Russians messed with our election. DT basically said he doesn’t believe anyone but Putin, because Putin said they didn’t do anything! Seriously??? That person, DT has (pardon my use of this word) totally screwed this country and not for the first time since stumbling into the Oval. Not discussing Hillary here–she isn’t in the Oval. DT unfortunately is. One other thing—why didn’t DT want anyone else in the room with him and Putin but the translators? Why? Shouldn’t the Sec. of State been there? What is your opinion of how DT behaved in Europe? Running his mouth off at Germany during breakfast! Trying to tell Theresa May how to run her country! Where does he get off doing that?

  9. This is all new with the internet. These are games all countries are playing and why we need good cyber security. I think this is the way Israel destroyed Iran’s nuclear program a number of years ago. Is this an attack? I don’t know what to actually call it. It’s somewhere between an attack and espionage.

    On a second note you seem to be ignoring that it’s possible that the FBI tried to rig an American election. One expects the Russians to do what they attempted. An internal subversive act by one of our law enforcement agencies to the undermining of our presidential election is actually more serious. Aren’t you concerned about that?

  10. A couple of thoughts:

    I’m old enough to remember J. Edgar Hoover and his stunts, so I was never one to idolize the FBI. They are far too close to a “secret police” force for my comfort. The increasing surveillance by the federal government since 9/11 should concern all free people. That’s not about Trump. I’ve thought this for 40 years.

    The Russians bought some Facebook ads and hacked the DNC server. Probably. We don’t really know since the servor was never examined. Hillary lost the election because she ignored states she needed to win the electoral college. Which Bill warned her about. The claim that Trump was put in office by Putin is hysteria and unwarranted. And unworthy of thinking people.

    This has likely gone on for 50 years. And guess what: we play this game, too. We sent money to Israel to try and get Netanyahu defeated. We threatened Britain with lost of trade status if the voted for Brexit. Who knows what else?

  11. The Republicans have requested $3.3 billion more for cybersecurity and I think more in the long term.

    Here’s some specific sanctions, including 60 diplomats (spies) expelled:

    There was also the missile attack on Syria, Russia’s current state. Weren’t Russian soldiers killed in that? Didn’t Trump authorize lethal weapons for Ukraine?

    Sorry Rebecca, but it’s not true that Trump has gone easy on Putin.

    Finally, what did Putin get out of today’s meeting? The answer is nothing.

  12. I took me forever to find this comment after I approved it. Disqus.

    I don’t agree with your conclusions. First of all, I don’t see the missiles into Syria as a reply to or even addressing what amounted to a cyber attack on this nation. Second, your assumptions about how limited the cyber attacks were and what they accomplished don’t jibe with intelligence reports. But even if you are correct, they were still a serious attempt to undermine our democracy and a direct attack on our national sovereignty. We were attacked, successfully attacked. Third, the request for additional funding for cybersecurity may or may not be an actual response to this threat, given what I know about government funding, I’m not particularly impressed with that, as I know full well that it may end up in a slush fund for something else or sidelined for administrative costs of some sort. Blind funding is not a response. It’s pork barrel.

    However, and even considering this funding, once again, experts agree that the response has been totally inadequate and has left us open to further, even more aggressive and successful, attacks. In short, the upcoming elections are up for grabs. Fourth, constantly working to undermine our national agencies who are attempting to deal with these attacks — and who appear to be the only ones who are — by putting out constant lies and engaging in partisan positioning at the expense of the security of this nation is despicable.

    As for the FBI, I am not saying that they are without fault in all their actions. What I am saying is that these various charges including referencing Hoover, who has been dead for decades, is not pertinent to the current threat we are facing. I don’t believe for one minute that these attacks on the FBI are based on a concern for the excesses of the agency. I think they are politically motivated, self-serving attempts to win elections and hold power, even if it endangers our nation. I also think that this is obvious.

    The man who Putin worked to make our president and whose election he contributed to in a direct an material way has trashed NATO, harmed our military alliances (which posed a genuine brake.on Putin’s excesses on the world stage) and weakened this nation both from within by keeping it in constant turmoil and from without by isolating us. This is exactly what Putin, or anyone who seeks to end the United States’ influence as the major world power, would want.

    As for what Putin got out of this meeting, we don’t know since President Trump insisted that no Americans be present during the meetings. All we can know for sure is his servile behavior toward Putin after the meeting.

    If the Democratic Party or a Democratic president was behaving this way, I would be going at them. Anyone who’s read this blog knows full well that I have no problems criticizing the Ds. What’s wrong with Republicans that they are so besotted with their party that they are willing to endanger this nation? I am not talking about the office holders. I mean the rank and file, a good many of whom seem to have taken leave of their senses.

  13. I’m pretty sure Trump doesn’t have rose colored glasses on. Bolten, NSA, would never let him look at the world so optimistically. Sometimes in diplomacy, as in marriage, one tempers what one says for a greater good. Just like Obama and GW Bush before him, Trump has a strategic objective to bring Russia into the good graces of the world community. If you look carefully both Obama and Bush said very nice things about Putin at the beginning ot their terms. Bush said something ridiculous like “looking into Putin’s soul.” And Obama was over heard telling Putin to wait until he got re-elected so he would be more able to help him out. Something like that. I’m going by memory. Putin will not be there forever. Strategically it is still better to be friendly with Russia than to alienate them.

    As to Donald Trump in Europe, GOOD! It’s about time those pusilanimous Eurpean countries paid at least their share of the defense bill.

  14. Manny, Bush and President Obama didn’t sell us out—DT has. Did you see/hear DT kissing up to Putin yesterday? Total admiration for a tyrant. Mentioned that Putin is a strong leader. Today DT attempted to back out of his statement, saying he “misspoke” and meant to use the word “woudn’t” not the word “would” in his statement regarding the proof or suggestion that Russia had messed with our election. That was pathetic. He said just what he meant the first time. .Talking to a country is one thing—totally admiring the leader to the point that you won’t question him is something else. DT actually believes Putin when he said he knew nothing about the interference in our elections. HOWEVER, Putin stood in that press conference and said “yes, I did, yes I did” when asked by a reporter if he had told his people he wanted Trump to win the election and to help that . Putin ADMITTED it—and DT still says Putin said he didn’t know??? No sense whatsoever. As for his complete rudeness towards the German leader and the UK leader, and also to Queen Elizabeth? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. He is an oaf.

  15. I was rather anti-Reagan back in the day, and I’ve gotten far more conservative since then. But I’d still prefer Reagan to Trump. Every President in my lifetime has been significantly worse than the one previous, and there has been a LOT of downhill skiing down the slippery slope to hell since Reagan was in office.