Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test: Surprise! She has Native American Ancestry

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test: Surprise! She has Native American Ancestry October 15, 2018
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President Trump is a bully and a liar. He lies about big things. He lies about little things. He lies about everything. He lies when, as my Grandmother used to say, the truth would do him better.

He is also cruel, especially to women. He bullies people and uses the power of his office to carry on personal vendettas. He’s a liar, a corrupt businessman and a sexual predator. And he treats women like dirt, insulting and mocking women reporters, attacking women’s appearance, constantly evaluating their bodies, and as we all know, backing one sexual predator after another for higher office.

For President Donald Trump to accuse someone else of lying is a little bit like Jeffrey Dahmer accusing someone else of being a sexual pervert. Gentlemen pullleeezzzz.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been one of his special targets for a long time now. In particular, he has focused with his lizardlike liar’s brain on her native American heritage. He’s even gone so far as to insult real American heroes, the Native American code talkers who aided our troops in World War II at great danger to themselves.

This president, who is a four-time draft dodger and all around braggart, used a ceremony which was supposed to honor these brave men to take another one of his ill-founded shots at Senator Warren.

The basis he used for all this was due to the fact that Senator Warren’s forebear did not enter her name in the tribal roles when the US government opened them long ago. Lots of us have Native American ancestors who did this. The discrimination against Native Americans was virulent. It was both an apartheid and a genocide. Our government very nearly wiped Native American people off the earth due to a prolonged period of armed attacks against them.

The Washita “battlefield” is only about an hour’s drive my house. This is where General Custer and four columns of fully armed and trained soldiers slaughtered an entire village of Native American men, women, children and old people. These people were peacefully minding their own business, on their reservation, where the United States had guaranteed their safety. Custer called this slaughter — which he nearly didn’t survive, despite the fact that it was a surprise attack against peaceful families in their own home — a “battle” and a great victory.

That’s just one example of the wholesale slaughter of Native Americans that went on in this country from its colonial beginnings up into the 20th Century.

Native Americans who weren’t murdered were rounded up and put on “reservations,” or, if they fought back at all, in prison. They were shipped thousands of miles from their homelands and fenced in and kept isolated and defenseless. Their children were taken from them by force and sent to government boarding schools where they forbidden to speak their native languages and where every attempt was made to expunge any trace of their culture from them.

There were good reasons not to go on those tribal rolls. Evidently Senator Warren’s Cherokee ancestor acceded to them.

This attack on Senator Warren by the vicious man in the White House is just another chapter in his on-going racism. Remember the birther claptrap that he aimed at President Obama for years?

This is the same old, same old. It’s Trump, being the racist, sexist PT Barnum that his followers love so much.

Evidently, Senator Warren took one of those DNA tests our trash-talking president said he was going to throw at her and — Surprise! — she’s got Native American blood. I expect that President Trump will go right on with his lies about this, in the same way that he went right on about the birth certificate garbage, even after President Obama’s birth certificate was released.

I also do not expect him to make good on his “promise” to pay $1,000,000 if the senator took a DNA test and the results showed she had Native American blood. The weasel factor is almost as consistent with President Trump as his compulsive lying and bragging.

President Trump is the President of the United States, but he is despicable. He’s an embarrassment to a country that once prided itself on having presidents with nicknames like “Honest Abe,” or who we bragged about never telling a lie such as George Washington.

Now, we’ve got a president who never tells the truth.


President Trump going off on Senator Elizabeth Warren.

President Trump insults World War II Code Talkers by injecting the Pocahontas slur against Senator Warren into a ceremony that was supposed to honor them.

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