President Trump has Been Talking, Which Means …

President Trump has Been Talking, Which Means … October 22, 2018

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Gage Skidmore

President Trump has been talking, which means that he’s also been lying.

Among other lies, he said that he couldn’t cancel the Saudi arms deal because it would cost “600,000 jobs.” This is not true. Not only that, but he’s been changing the number of jobs he says this deal generates for quite a while now. His story has bounced around and around.

There are actually three bottom lines to this story. Take your pick which one you think matters most.

  1. No one, not the American people, not Congress, not other countries, can believe a word that the President of the United States says. He’s fond of coming up with nicknames for people. Maybe we should start calling him Lyin’ Donny.
  2. Is America’s economy going to be based on selling arms to other nations, including nations that have a history of links with terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS? Is war our only product in this country?
  3. Among President Trump’s many lies was the one where he claimed he had no financial ties to Saudi Arabia. Because of his own bragging we know, (assuming that he was telling the truth) the Saudis are into him, big time. (Go here to see what I’m talking about.) Is that why’s his reaction to the Kashoggi murder has been dumb and dumber?


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