The Headlines. What Do They Really Mean? Five Quick Takes.

The Headlines. What Do They Really Mean? Five Quick Takes. February 14, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Essers

The headlines. Sometimes, they are too easy to interpret. There’s no real reason to write an entire post about them. A couple of sentences will do. Here are five headlines, with their meanings summarized in back-of-the-cereal-box style.

  1. Trump Contradicts his own denial and admits he sent Giuliani to Ukraine to dig dirt on political opponents. What it means: Trump is a traitor. He’s corrupt. He’s a liar. You and I would go to jail, if we did what he’s done. 
  2. What caused Warren’s campaign collapse? What it means: Warren was never ahead except in the polls. She’s trailed from the first actual vote. Polls are no longer accurate.
  3. Barr’s stunning Trump rebuke sparks debate over his true motives. What it means: Barr admits he intervened in Stone’s sentencing recommendations. He’s doing these interviews complaining about the president’s tweets because the prez outed him as the president’s whore instead of a legitimate Attorney General. This is all cover on Barr’s part.
  4. Trump bucks Barr’s request to stop tweeting about Justice Dept, declaring a ‘legal right’ to seek intervention in criminal cases What it means: Trump is now a dictator, courtesy of the Republican Senate. He is also crazy.
  5. Man arrested for slapping teen Trump supporter during New Jersey primary police say. What it means: Trump’s not the only one who’s crazy.



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