Running Against the Devil: The Three Things Democrats Have to do to Beat Trump

Running Against the Devil: The Three Things Democrats Have to do to Beat Trump June 3, 2020

Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Live from America. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Rick Wilson, author of Running Against the Devil: The Plot to Save America from Trump and the Democrats from Themselves, spent years beating Democrats in elections.

He was and is a true believing conservative Republican. He evidently believes what he believes so much that he is willing to walk away from Trump’s Republican Party and stand almost alone.

He and I are from different points on the political spectrum, but we’re alike in that both of us believe what we believe and won’t switch just to fit in. Somehow or other, that makes this Jesus-loving, pro life/anti-rape Catholic Democrat and that Constitution-loving, small-government Republican soldiers in the same army, fighting for the same cause.

We both want to see Donald Trump removed from office in a democratic and legal transition of power. We want that because we both love America and want our democracy to survive. I would add that I want to see Christianity survive as well. Trump is turning American Christianity into his anti-Christ political whore. He is doing to American Christianity what he has already done to the Republican Party.

This fight to save America makes the differences between me and Republicans who see Trump for what he is inconsequential. Right now, in this place and at this time, we have the same priority: Save America from this monster.

Trevor Noah interviews Rick Wilson. It’s well worth the watch.

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